Need to Help Mom Get Away from Dad!!

Updated on May 03, 2008
M.B. asks from Spring, TX
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Hey moms, my dad is a creep. Alcoholic, abusive, cheater, you name it, he's done it FOR YEARS!! My mom is FINALLY ready to get out, (they've been married for 37 years!) it's been hard for her. She's not a strong female, and she's been with him since she was 14, she's been beat over the head by him for so long she has no confidence whatsoever, so please don't pick on her too much, I've already thought to myself anything you could say about her, for sure!! We need a good attorney,(we'd rather not randomly pick one out of the phone book) and basically, we were just wondering how it works? Like, can she make him leave the house, can he just take all their money and run, what do she do to live in the meantime if he DOES take all their money....etc. Just as much info on how it works, what ya'll know about what her rights are, would be SO APPRECIATED!! We are about to get the ball rolling, but we both are just scared to death of what may happen. (he's a scary mean man) ANYTHING at all ya'll could share would mean an awful lot to both of us.....

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi.There so sorry to here your mom is going threw this kid of stuff the next time he puts his hands on her you tell to call you and you call the cops from your house and send them out there to your mom house and tell her to fall charges on him that will give her a little time to get out of there and get what she wants out of there.tell her to go get all the money out of the bank and close the account she can do that.she cant make him move out if the house is in both of there name but the cops will be happy to give him a little ride he want like.hope she can get the help she needs god bless her i will be praying for yall pray god will see yall threw this.dont let this go on she is the only mother you will ever have please help her have a good night,

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Go to the Houston Area Women's Center - they have services to help protect women who leave abusive spouses. Be very careful because while it is good that your mom is finally leaving, this is the most dangerous time when someone leaves the person who abuses them. Don't do it on your own. The Women's Center can help get restraining orders, a safety plan, legal help, etc. in place to help do this in the most safe way possible. If he is abusive she needs to make a police report, but please get the support from a Battered Women's Shelter to help protect yourselves.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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I have never been thru this myself, but my heart goes out to her. I hope everything works out and she is ok.

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