Need to Find Eye Doctor in South Sarasota County

Updated on February 11, 2008
V.P. asks from North Port, FL
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Hey all,
My husband and I have recently been looking for an Eye Doctor. We obviously would like someone who is good with children as we have 3 boys between the ages of 7 and 13. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your responses! We found one right near us that has come very highly recommended, now all we have to do is set an appointment! Thanks again and God Bless,

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M. Jo Baize on Bee Ridge Road (across from Big Lots, KFC, Home Goods) -- she has children. She's wonderful! You won't be disappointed.

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We love Dr. Ronni Chen. She is at Kantor Eye just behind the mall at Bee Ridge/41



answers from Fort Myers on

The eye doctor I use is Dr. Aouchiche.

He specializes in Pediatric and Neuro Opthamology. The office staff and all that they do is very professional and helpful. The are in Lee County. The phone is ###-###-####

K. H



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I take my kids to Dr. Werker on Cattleman Road. She is very thorough and gentle with the kids. They like her.




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Hi V.,
Not sure how far this is for you but here is the name & phone # of my Eye Doctor. Dr. Behler ###-###-####. OUTSTANDING! Also does lasic. Takes insurance. I'm not to good with directions but I believe his location is concidered Clearwater area. I travel from Winter Haven to go to him he is that good.



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there is a new PERDIATRIC ophthalmologist in sarasota

Arysol Soltero M.D.

on 3920 Bee Ridge Road

phone: ###-###-####

for adults, there are many good ophthalmologists.

K. leggett DO



answers from Naples on

Hi V.,

I am a mother of two of my own and four of my husband's (Step children). I have taken my 7 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son to The Eye Associates in Ellenton, but do know they have other locations. They have been wonderful with both my children and also with my husband and myself, fitting all three of them with glasses. Hopefully that will help!




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Hello V.,

My name is R.. I have 2 boys myself (almost 7 and just turned 11). I would highly recommend Dr. Silverman in Lakewood Ranch. That's who we use and he's fantastic.
Good luck in your search.

BTW - We are a Christian family as well. I too stay-at-home, and I'm in the process of establishing a nonprofit here in Sarasota so I'm plenty busy;-)

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