Need to Find a Bike Seat Carrier for a Big 3 Year Old

Updated on April 06, 2009
K.S. asks from Grove City, OH
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I have a son who is 3 years 2 months and is 42 lbs 3 1/2 feet tall. This is big for his age and poses problems sometimes. I am trying to find a bike seat carrier that is larger than the typical ones which only go to 40 lbs and are too short for him. Does anyone know where these can be found? I want the kind that mount over the back tire of adult bike not the trailer kind. Thanks!

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answers from Columbus on

I don't have any suggestions for personal experience as my little girl started riding her own bike by 3.5 yrs of age. Yes, it means I have to go a little slower, but when I want to get a good fast paced ride in I make sure my husband is with us. I however do still use a carrier seat for my 22 month old son. We have the Bell Deluxe Cocoon, which seems to come up higher than most that we tried out. It does however only have a 40lb weight limit.
So I did a little research & talked to my friend who still bikes with her almost 4.5yr old who weighs 46lbs on the back. She also has the Bell cocoon and said that she's had no problems with it holding her son. He still seems comfortable, no head hanging over problems... and she doesn't feel that its unsafe weight wise. Just make sure you buy new! I got mine at Walmart for around the $50 - $60 range I believe.

Now I did a little research on Amazon & such. Found a couple that state they have higher weight limits & look like they have higher backs for head support. The Kettler Flipper Child Bike Seat
and the Beto Deluxe Reclining Bicycle Seat The Beto looks alot like a Sunlite model as well just w/ a different name, but I couldn't find a weight on its page. You might want to check them out. Good luck & happy biking! :)

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answers from Bloomington on

Hi K.,
Most seats I've seen only go to 40 or 50lbs. I know you requested suggestions for seats. I just wanted to mention though that I have a trailer and I love it. I thought I wanted a seat too until I did more research. You will be able to use a trailer for much longer (generally they go up to around 100lbs). I have a big 2 year old and this works for us. It also allows to take a friend along once in awhile (we have 2-seater) and it also has a nice storage compartment for when we are out and about. Good luck in finding what you are looking for!

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perhaps you should look to buy a trailer. I have one that folds easily and hooks easily and carries my 3 year and 1.5 year old safely.

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answers from Columbus on

How about an attachment for your son to bike with you? I think they are attachements and not an actual bike made this way but it's an adult bike in the front and then an extension in the back of a smaller-sized frame and rear wheel for a child (that pedals with a chain). He could grow into this as he might quickly grow out of a bike seat.

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