Need to Find 24-Hour Home Health Care for Newly Disabled Grandfather

Updated on December 31, 2007
M.C. asks from Carpentersville, IL
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My husband's 84-year old grandfather who once was a spry, healthy, independent and autonomous man suffered a massive stroke 6 weeks ago. He has not really recovered from it at all--he's on a feeding tube, and has lost all function of his right limbs, most of his ability to speak except for a few words beyond a whisper, or to even keep his eyes open for longer than an 45 minutes at a time. His children realize that the life he is left with now is not one that he ever wanted to endure in his final days or years. That being said, he is at a rehab nursing facility now and his progress is starting to slow, if not plateau. His children are looking into honoring his wishes and moving him back to his own home once he reaches a point when he is not getting more by staying at the nursing home. This isn't really a hospice situation though, as he could theoretically go on living like this for another 10+ years. In order for him to go home though, he will need 24-hour at-home nursing care. Does anyone have any recommendations of individuals, agencies, or sources to look for referrals for this type of service?


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Hi M.,
My grandmother suffered a stroke a little over 3 years ago. She lost usage of her left side and is in a wheelchair. She was in a nursing home, but 2 1/2 years ago, we got her a fulltime care-giver, who has been wonderful. We (and her doctors) are convinced that her expert care has kept grandma alive today. We really like our care-giver, but she switched agencies, which, if we didn't like her so well, we would have switched. We also purchased a used handicapped van, which has made life easier to get her around... shopping, eating out, visiting.
My sister's in-law's just hired a full-time caregiver for her mother-in-law, and they are most impressed so far with them. Griswald (national organization - look up on web), ###-###-####, Green Oaks, IL. They were professional, background check employees. My sister said that they seemed like the best and the most economical. If you need to talk, write back, and I'll get you my phone #. I know where you are - it's a tough decision, but we are convinced that this is a great alternative.
Good luck!



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I was going to offer to help be a stay there companion so people could go shopping. and take care But I have no nursing scholling. But I know how important it is to be able to get out.. if you need a sitter let me know..



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Marek Health Care Givers, I cannot say enough good things about this company. We used this company for my mom. Their telephone number is ###-###-####. They have male or female caregivers and you can request the medical level you require. My mom needed care 12 hours a day in the beginning but as her cancer progressed she needed 24-hour. You are doing a wonderful thing in honoring his wishes to be at home. Don't discount his ability to recover from his stroke either. My SIL's mom had a pretty massive stroke and her stubbornness along with the support of her kids is what really helped. Don't just rely on the PT provided. My SIL got her mom a laptop when she could not write but could push the keys. She got her knitting needles and yarn to hone her fine motor skills.



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I have begun checking into home care for my FIL. First, double check into hospice. Rules have changed and it's not just for short-term circumstances anymore. There should be an advocate at the hospital to talk to about it. There are national and local companies that offer in home care. I have talked to two that I found on-line. I just did a general search on Yahoo and was able to narrow it down by region, city, etc. BrightStar is national and is qualified to medically assist. The local one I talked to is not qualified medical assistance. If he has long-term care insurance it will help pay the expenses on it so check into that. If you want someone to help with physical therapy, it is available through some of the companies for an extra charge.

Good luck to him and the family as it's a very difficult thing to have to go through, especially for the patient.

I hope that helps.

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