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Updated on December 20, 2006
D.L. asks from McKinney, TX
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I've been in my field of work for 15 years but recently changed employers. I've taken a leadership role with my new employer where there is huge potential to "put a feather in my hat" if you will. I'm very excited and am ready to take on the challenge. The way I see to take our company where it needs to go is to go out and make site visits. This is not a typical "sales" position where I am selling a product but rather I'll be making contact with company employees to let them know about a company benefit that has slipped by the wayside and we're trying to make it great again.

The goal is to get the information out to the ones who will benefit from it by going into their retail locations and speaking with the employees on their break time etc. My initial thought was to create a table with posters or signs to set up (almost like in a trade show). However I'll have limited room so I may be able to do that sometimes but other times not.

Other than passing out brochures, candy, pens etc. I'd like to hear any techniques or tips from those with more experience. How can we get their attention without disrupting their work environment? What has worked best for you?

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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D. - as a former Controller/HR Manager, I can tell you right off that the best way to reach employees is through the HR department. And the best way to get any employee to give you time of day is to give them something for free first. Food works amazingly well and can be as simple as cookies. People, in general (and there are always exceptions), feel obligated to at least hear the pitch when they've taken something for free.

What benefit are you trying to sell and in what environment? Let me know & I can give you some tips on what I've seen work with different vendors bringing things in to the employees. PM me....

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When I worked in an office we LOVED the reps who brought food! Something creative or a bit different- Cafe Max lunches, Stein's cheese pockets for breakfast... Then just a very short presentation with more info available upon request.
Smaller things for individuals is nice- small hand lotions with a brocher???

Just a few ideas-
Good luck!



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I agree with the food idea. When I worked for a therapy clinic I had to make visits to doctor's offices. Well, the only way they would allow you to even come in to do any sort of presentation was if you brought lunch with you. This can ge expensive, though. All the pharmaceutical companies do this.



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Hi D.:

I have used Easel Display Books. You can get them at most office supply stores such as Office Depot. They are a notebook where the hardcover folds back and a flap attaches with velcro to the back cover. It sets upright horizontally using 8 1/2 X 11 sheet protectors to include your pages. You can easily carry it with you and takes up little space. Another tool is should you have specific information you want someone to refer to, keep it simple, possibly no larger than 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 (half size of normal sheet of paper) and have it laminated. Many companies have laminating machines which are not expensive. Your item can be printed on front and back and it is a great reference. Of course disc are easy to handout - providing you think they will use them.

Right off - this is what comes to mind. Hope it helps.


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