Need Summer Vacation Childcare Ideas for Elementary School Age Kids

Updated on April 06, 2010
D.R. asks from Rockport, MA
7 answers

Looking for ideas and suggestions for childcare for 2 elementary school age kids during the summer. What do people do with their kids while they are at work full-time during the summer -- if summer camp and staying with family isn't an option?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone that responded to my request for summer childcare suggestions. We have been able to find a combination summer camp program and a babysitter that will work for us. Thanks again!

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answers from Bangor on

I was a stay at home mom -- I would have been interested in watching school age children (for less than a daycare) and incoroprating that family into mine for the summer!

Now I work and this will be the first summer my husband or myself isn't home. I'm going to try a family daycare (licensed by the state) since I don't know of any stay-at-home moms.



answers from Boston on


My children (preschool and kindergarten age) will be spending the summer at their Daycare (Kindercare) which has school age programs w/ lots of scheduled activities up to 12-years old. In fact, they just sent out enrollment info for it yesterday. You can look into that type of setting which might have longer hours than a regular camp. Good luck.



answers from Boston on

I'm not sure if summer camp is not an option because of the expense, but the local YMCA has a summer program that is not very expensive and will discount based on family income. I also know that there are some daycare centers that have summer programs for children up to 12 years old. If they have friends at school or in the neighborhood I would see what they are doing. They might have ideas or be willing to help out if they are a stay at home mom.



answers from Boston on

My son use to enjoy going to Boys and Girls club when he was younger. It's very inexpensive and lots of things for the kids to do.



answers from Atlanta on


Check out summer camps at:

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answers from Pittsfield on

I suggest you call EVERY family member like aunts , cousins, in-laws and ask if they KNOW of ANYONE that might be interested in watching your kids for the summer. I know teenagers who would rather babysit than work at a real job so try calling local high schools and speak to guidance counselors or early childhood education teachers who might know someone who could help you out. You copuld also post want ads at the high schools and colleges bulliten boards. The only other option is to find a family daycare that has 2 summer time openings but that would be unlikely..hope this helps



answers from Boston on

Look into the YMCA day camps. I know that the metrowest YMCA has a great program in Hopkinton. My older 2, 2nd grade and Kindergarten, will be going for their 3rd summer and LOVE it. Compared to many camps in the area, they are cheaper then most.

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