Need Sum Encouragement Day Two Healthy Eating NO BREAD GRRRRR Lol

Updated on July 12, 2012
K.C. asks from Texarkana, AR
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So i posted yesterday about needed to lose sum lbs and I got sum great feedback so yesterday I cut out the bread and swapped to grilled food, cheese, vegs etc. O and i went to my first Zumba class last night which was great fun. My darling hubby said he would watch the kids twice a week during zumba if he could go to the gym once a week with a buddy so it works out. So this morning I had 2 eggs with a piece of cheese mixed in with pepper, a banana a hr later and water and black coffee... BUT IM SOOO MUNCHY now lol.... How do i push threw these next few days with the bread withdrawls.... lol didnt realize how much a snacked on until i started myfitnesspal app and those goldfish of my sons add up lol thanks for the support

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answers from Chicago on

I am a notorious snacker too. I love all kinds of crunchy foods (chips, crackers, popcorn, etc). I can't stay away from all carbs for long, but sometimes it helps if I snack on carrots and hummus or cashews if I am craving the crunchy snacks. Good luck and stick with it! You'll probably start seeing good results in about three weeks.

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answers from Hartford on

sum = some
O = oh
a hr = an hour
threw = through
whithdrawls = withdrawals
didnt = didn't

And please use capitalization and punctuation. It would be so much easier to read. lol thanks

By the way, it's not that bread isn't healthy. What matters is the type of breads you choose. Whole grain, multi-grain breads are great for you diet and you actually need them. You also need carbs in your diet. Eliminating them from your diet isn't healthy. The key is to have everything in moderation. Adding in healthy things like veggies and fruit plus lots of water and exercise is great. Lean meats, fish, whole grains, some dairy, plenty of fiber, and keeping your cravings in check will help keep you satisfied.

If you diet, you'll always feel like you're lacking. If you change your lifestyle and eat right, you won't lack a thing.

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answers from Dallas on

Yea... That was pretty bitchy on Jessica's part.

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answers from Omaha on

When I get the munchies in between meals I will actually chew on sugar free gum. It sounds stupid but the juices comfort my stomach. or I am downing water... hello detox haha!

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answers from Dallas on

Protien and fiber. They fill you up. Your breakfast was great on protien, but no fiber. If you are trying to avoid carbs, add tons of veg to get your fiber. You could scramble the eggs with spinach and cheese or add chooped onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes. It's also good to have a little good fat, like avocado.

For lunch, have a huge baby spinach salad with lots of chopped vegetables. You can mix it up some days and add avovado, cheese, salsa and a grilled chicken breast.

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answers from Houston on

Carrots and fresh (not roasted or salted) nuts.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You can do it! Good for you.
Don't starve yourself. You're not on a strict diet, right?
How about munching on raw carrot sticks, celery, an apple things like that

-The key is to eat 3 small balanced meals & 2-3 small, low-cal snacks so
that you have something to eat every 3 hrs to keep your metabolism revved up & from going into deprivation where it holds onto fat.
-low fat yogurt
-handful of raw nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios etc)
-lots of water
-unsweetend tea

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answers from Norfolk on

It IS good to watch the carbs, but it's also good to have a balance.
Instead of bread, try a small bowl of steel cut oatmeal (not the sugary flavored stuff) with just a drizzle of honey on it and maybe a few nuts.
It WILL keep you from getting hungry for a long time.



answers from Kansas City on

Sounds odd, I like carrots, but I don't like baby carrots, so when I found carrot "chips" in the produce section, it was a good day for me! :) I keep them in a container of water in the front of the fridge so I can see them right away.

I feel like I am munching on chips and if I really need something more to eat, I will dip them in hummus. Yum.

Hang in there K.! You can do this!



answers from Los Angeles on

It wasn't easy to quit the snacking. I had 5 small meals per day. I had a timer that I set for 2.5 to 3.0 hours. When the timer went off I could have something to eat. I just ate the things I could have on my diet. Then I ate less of those things.

What helped the most was I could actually see the scales going down. In two days, I lost six pounds. I actually got on another scales to verify mine wasn't wrong.

Hope you can stay with it. If loosing weight was easy, I'd already be skinny.

Good luck to you and yours.


answers from Pocatello on

I find that if I cut up a lot of fruit or veggies first thing in the morning I will just munch on that all day. It's right there ready to eat so it's an easy choice. Also drink, drink, drink. A lot of times we feel like snacking because we are really just thirsty. So drink lots of water. I like to make my won flavored "sassy" water. I cut up lemons and limes, mint leaves or some berries. Throw it in the water and drink as much as I can all day. Try to eat every 2 hours. The snacking will hit you more when you are trying to go long periods between meals. I even like to snack on a hard boiled egg or two. It's high in protein so it feels me up. Also try snacking on Jello! There are no carbs in jello and hardly any calories in the sugar free kind. I did a low carb diet once and would have at least 1 or 2 jello cups a day.

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