Need Suggestions for a Healthy Prenatal Vitamin

Updated on March 12, 2009
V.N. asks from Alpharetta, GA
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I am 12 weeks in to my first pregnancy and I have been taking PrimaCare One prenatal vitamin for the past 4 months. It suits me quite well and I have no issues with it. Now looks like this medicine is being recalled by its manufacturer and is not available anymore in pharmacies. Before I request my doc for another prescription, I would like to know what other prenatal vitamins are best for baby's growth. Are there ones available with DHA/EPA, Omega3 fatty acids and stool softener?

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answers from Charleston on

My husband is a pharmacist and he worked with my ob/gyn on anything that I was prescribed. The best one out there is one called Prenate Elite with DHA. It has everything you are requesting, even the stool softener. They are larger blue gel pills...but they are wonderful. They are a little pricey but it's worth it. Plus? My hair and my nails are so healthy and strong, they had never looked this good until I started taking son is 5 months old and I will continue to take them until I am finished breastfeeding.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I choose not to take any prescription prenatals. I have heard many stories of women passing them whole back before I had children (24 years ago) as well as recently. I choose a whole food supplement and use another product for the bowel issues and those have worked great for all 11 of my pregnancies. These whole food supplements are easily digested and utilized by the body since they are real, organic food! I have had 11 normal, healthy pregnancies, births and babies. I choose Shaklee as I feel they are the best..or one of the best and they never have any of these recall problems since they have such strict quality control and testing. Best wishes with your first pregnancy, birth and child!

K. B



answers from Atlanta on

I also was taking PrimaCare One and when the pharmacy could no longer get it, my doctors switched me to Prenate DHA. It is very similar to PrimaCare and I have had no problems with it thus far. Only downside is the pills come in packs instead of a bottle so you have to open each pill individually. I think this is to prevent the pills from leaking, which is why PrimaCare was recalled.



answers from Columbia on

I believe the one I took was Prenate w/DHA. If I remember correctly it also had a stool softener in it. They worked great for me with no side effects.



answers from Myrtle Beach on

I personally am taking prenate elite which does not have a stool softener. My doctor gave me some samples of other vitamins I haven't tried yet CitraNatal Assure and CitraNatal 90 DHA contain everything you are asking for, but you have to take two different pills. I also have a sample of Tandem DHA which has the DHA/EPA and Omega 3, but no stool softener. I am sure if you ask your doctor he will give you some samples and recommendations. Good Luck.



answers from Atlanta on

Hello V.,

My name is N. and I am a stay at home mom with a home based business called Melaleuca. I have been blessed with a 3 month old beautiful little boy. The vitamins I took and am still taking I got from Melaleuca. They are wonderful. I still had energy even when I was 8 months pregnant! It comes in a Prenatal Pack with the Omega3 Fatty acids. They have a patented delivery system called Oligofructose Complex which delivers nutrients in a form that mirrors the way they are naturally found in fruits vegetables and whole foods for energy vitality and balanced nutrition. Yes, it also has the recommended dose of DHA/EPA. You don't have to worry about these getting recalled it won't happen. They also have awesome everyday consumable products that are non-toxic which was very important to me since I was going to be a mother. If you would like more information please contact me at [email protected] or you can send me a message via this website.



answers from Atlanta on

I took NatureMade prenatal vitamins for both of my pregnancies and afterward along with 4 fish oil (omega 3/DHA/RHA) capsules per day -also NatureMade brand. They sell the giant bottles at Costco. My doctor told me she would be happy to prescribe a prenatal, but any that you buy over the counter were fine too. Look for ones with no additives. If you have constipation issues, use a stool softener (docusate sodium). You can pay for the Colace brand, but store brands work just as well. I also took those throughout both pregnancies and the doctor said they were perfectly safe.



answers from Atlanta on


Market America has awesome products. The company's primary focus is Health and Wellness. Visit my website They have great vitamins for adults and children. And after the baby, the weight management program, Transitions is awesome! Based on low glycemic diet. I got involved with the companya after taking one of their top products, OPC3. After 3 months my cholesterol dropped a few points. It never does that WITH my cholesterol medicine, Crestor. When you visit the website and check out the products, be sure to read about them. We give the ingredients, what it is good for and the science behind it. So you know you are getting quality products. Check it out! And if you have any questions shoot me an email or call me. email [email protected] - ###-###-####



answers from Athens on

Encora is a great vitamin with the right Omega's and doesn't cause you to be constipated. My MD still recommends it even though I have twins who are 19 months old. My original MD who recommended it was a fertility specialist and my GYN has encouraged me to stay on it. Best of luck! F.



answers from Atlanta on

Congratulations on your baby. What I took and recommend is a whole food supplement that is easily digested and metabolized by the body. So many of the vitamins on the market are made with chemicals and are not processed.

GNLD is a company that has a solid scientific advisory board and excellent quality. It's been around for a lot of years, and I've never heard of them having a single issue. It is made from real food sources. Their Formula IV has very complete nutrition for an expecting mom (really anyone--and it has the right levels of Vitamin B and Iron in it). GNLD also carries alfalfa fiber, which is a good stool softener, Salmon oil for Omega 3 etc. I get these from my friend Kim, who's an independent distributor. You could reach her at ###-###-#### and she can have them shipped to your house. You might also want to consider the calcium supplement, as the baby will take what it needs from your body and bones. Kim could give you some one on one advice, based on your personal needs. She always recommends the Salmon oil for expecting moms.



answers from Charleston on

Get a good healthy food based vitamin and then you won't have to supplement with a stool softener either because the iron will be a natural form that your body can actually use! I personally take the rainbow light prenatals a whole whopping 6 of them a day i now take all 6 at bedtime but you can break them up anyway you need to for your body so that you don't get constipated. also the new chapter vitamins are wonderful as well. I dont know that you can get a prescription to pay for either but they are well worth the money spent! the rainbow lights also have digestive enzymes. for dha/fish oil i go back and forth depending on my budget between the nordic naturals and the blue ice cod liver oil found here


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