Need Stroller Suggestions for a Tall 4 Year Old

Updated on April 04, 2011
C.C. asks from Mamaroneck, NY
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Hi Mommas,

I'm traveling to Europe with my tall 4 1/2 year old this summer. I will need a good stroller for those days she just can't walk anymore. She's probably 45" tall and 43 lbs. I currently have the Maclaren Volo, which I've loved. It was great when I lived in the city...super light weight and easy to fold up and carry for the subway. I don't use it much anymore, but I noticed that when I do my daughter's head is no longer supported with the Volo. So sleeping in it is out of the question. I'm looking for a stroller similar to the Volo but that has a back that extends higher. I've seen on other posts on Mamapedia that there are strollers recommended for older disabled children, but when I try to find out the height of the seat/back, I can't find any information. The Maclaren website wasn't helpful in this regard either. Can anyone help me?

We are going to Barcelona where I lived for two years to visit friends. I know the streets obviously, and so I know that a stroller will be ok. I have already imagined our days and feel a stroller is a necessity. Hopefully someone can help with a stroller idea

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answers from La Crosse on

Find one with great wheels because Europe is full of VERY ROUGH roads and sidewalks. I am amazed that more people aren't crippled by the ancient bricks, cobblestone, and pavement when traveling across the pond. Everytime I travel there, I always have to marvel at how darn hard it would be to be self sufficient if one were disabled or required a wheelchair or walker.

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answers from New York on

Walking would be your best bet. I've never been to Europe, but the fact that she's 4 years old tells me that she can let you know when she's tired of walking. If she does, stop, have a snack or take a little break, and proceed with your day. Have fun!

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answers from New York on

I would use what I have. I would not worry about her sleeping in it. Sounds
like you are just looking for something she can sit in. Strollers for disabled
children can be quite costly.



answers from Detroit on

I think you're going to have her sit in them. Make sure to check the weight limits - some only go up to 35 lbs or so.



answers from Savannah on

4 is pretty old for a stroller. One thing I've noticed with Europe: stairs, stairs, stairs! Not a lot of easy access for strollers. Might be more of a pain than it's worth. Walking and coming in for naptime are what I suggest.



answers from Albuquerque on

Not sure where in Europe you'll be going... but are you sure you'll be able to wheel a stroller around? Most of the major cities are either way too congested or have uneven bricks that would cripple anything except a jogging stroller.

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