Need Some Help Please...How Much Should I Charge?

Updated on December 09, 2011
K.K. asks from Fredericksburg, VA
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Hi Moms!

Yet again another babysitting post! :P I was called by a lady today I haven't worked for yet, but was in touch with her the last couple of weeks. She asked if I could babysit her 2 children (either my house or hers) from Friday the 30th afternoon time till Sunday the 30th till mid-day afternoon. How much should I charge? Whats a good fee?


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In our area... this is a wacky thing.

In our area it's $50 per half day or $100 per full day (no nights in either case), or $10-$25 per hour.... but WEIRDLY... add in nights, and the price plummets. I really don't get why. (???why???) But it tends to be $50-$75 per full day and night! So that would be either $150-$225 for fri/sat/sun. Following normal low-rates would = $200 per day ($100 per 'day', $100 per 'night'), or $240 per day ($10 per hour)... totaling $600-$720. I don't get it. I'm not going to argue, but it doesn't make sense to me.

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could be a good idea you start asking the parents how much they are willing to pay if there will be a flat rate (per day/night) for both children or if they are planning to pay per hour... 1 time I hire a babysitter for my 2 children the first 4 hours was $50.00 after that it was (12.00 per 1 child and 15.00 for 2 per hour)
Then I found another babysitter... she charge $11.00 per hour for both, but thats here in Las Vegas.

I found this posting in California, I hope will help you to have a better Idea:

Overnight childcare generally consists of a flat rate for actual “sleep time.” For example, an overnight babysitting job could earn an hourly rate from 7am-9pm, and then a flat fee of $50 for the night. Weekends can be allotted a certain amount of pay for each day. For instance, a babysitter providing childcare for a weekend might charge a flat rate of $75-$125 per day. Holidays work the same way: babysitters will negotiate a flat fee for the day, generally a higher fee than would be charged on a normal day. Additionally, scaled rates can be offered by accepting a flat rate for a specified time and then charging an additional rate for extended services beyond that time. An example of a scaled rate job would be charging $20 for the first three hours, and $5 for each additional hour.

Good luck!!!

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I found $100 from Friday at 8 p.m. - noon Sunday. But the person also had kids and was going to let them play together.

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