Need Some Help on Passing NCLEX for LPN

Updated on January 15, 2010
K.H. asks from Swords Creek, VA
7 answers

I graduated last summer for LPN. I took my test one time and failed. I got a little downhearted and have yet to sign up to to retake my test. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers. I do have one NCLEX LPN review.

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answers from Louisville on

study that guide and anything else you have from class!dont beat yourself up over it just try again! ps what school did you go to?


answers from Charleston on

My husband is a nurse and what he did to get ready for the test is this.... He got the NCLEX practice test book and for 5 months he would practice about 50/60 questions while timing himself. This way he got a feel for the real test. He gradually got better at these questions. Don't get discouraged, though after watching him I know that it is easy to do. Just keep trying and reading up on anything that you are unfamiliar with. Don't over think the questions either... I would always hear him say that. I'll ask him if there is anything else that he would tell you and get back to you. Good luck.



answers from Raleigh on

Hi K.
I flunked the RN NCLEX exam the first time I took it. I then signed up for a review class and I passed the second time. I would say take the class and try to practice answering the questions. I think you may also be able to find something online or even check one out at the library or if LPN school has a library, you may be able to find an NCLEX practice test from there. I think a lot of programs have disks that you can use on your computer that will also help a lot. Try not to be discouraged (I know easier said than done). Leave the other test in the past and go into the next with a positive attitude. It wasn't the material that I didn't know, it was the tricky questions that I had trouble with - I bet this is what is giving you trouble as well. Sign up for the next test when you feel ready. Don't rush it if you're not. Good luck!




answers from Knoxville on

good job K.! By graduating from that gruewling year of nursing school, you proved you can do it! But, the longer you wait to take nclex again, the harder its going to be, what I did was not OVERSTUDY!!! Go over your notes, look at nclex review and just do it. Remember that the questions are tricky, choose the best one! Good Luck!!!



answers from New York on

yes,i need some help with my nclex for lpn please.



answers from Louisville on

congratulations on finishing the program!!! Don't beat yourself up, everyone fails sometime. The important thing to remember is stay focused, destress....i recommend black herbal tea....and always, always, always remember your ABCs, airway, bleeding, circulation. As long as you remember that, you can chose the most correct answer because they are usually all correct!!! I used the NCLEX LPN study guide and my RN study guide disk.(long story, went to RN school and ended up challenging the LPN boards due to family illness...) Now I'm preparing for the RN NCLEX and using the same study guide! Just try to relax and like I said, we've all failed in the journey to success. No one succeeds without failure. Best of luck! And be proud of your success so far!!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

First of all congrats on your acheivements thus far. Because you have taken the NCLEX before ask yourself, what happened? Was I prepared was it just my nerves that got the best of me? Break it down, in situations like this is I know I freak out easily and it quickly can go downhill from there. I just focus and take a deep breathe in and all the way out , And say to my self I know this stuff I have trained well for this test, I am capable of sucessfully passing! Don't stress and don't get discouraged! There are many good books for review I took my exam years ago and can not remember the books I used, but I wish you Good Luck!

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