Need Some Gift Ideas for My Dad, He Just Retired & Is Having a birthday***EDITED

Updated on May 16, 2008
M.D. asks from Rockport, TX
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My dad just had a birthday and he is retiring today, I need some gift ideas! He already has anything he needs. Im trying to combine the gifts and come up with something creative. Thanks for the help moms!

Sorry- I meant to include hobbies. Golf and cooking are #1. After retiring he plans to play golf and he will be teaching cooking classes at Central Market. Thanks again!

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What about a small scrapbook of pictures of him/family?

What about a small book of his co-workers signing a small book or putting a picture of themselves/writing a little bit about them,etc...?

I would say something Monogrammed from Things Remembered. They have neat gift ideas.

When my Mom retired from University of Kentucky, where she worked. She is a big basketball and football fan. The co-workers got some cool pictures of the basketball team and football team, the mascot, the coaches signatures and had it framed in blue and with the UK logo. That was a cool idea and she loves it!

Does he have a sports team or a favorite college team or did he graduate from college? You might do something like this and contact the college about doing something like this. I guess you would have to talk to someone in the sports area or go to the bookstore for memorabilia.

My Mom got a digital camera several years ago from my Uncles. Does he like to take pictures? You could get him a new digital camera. If he likes taking pictures, maybe something special from Wolf Camera, a special addition to his camera.

It would help knowing what hobbies he has or favorite activities/what his job was, what he plans to do in his retirement,etc...

Hope this helps.



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We are going to get my FIL his own herb garden. I made one for myself and every time he comes over he raves about it (he is a cook to). I am thinking about getting one and painting on the side "Pop-Pop's Garden" (that is what my daughter calls him). My FIL also runs a cafe at a hospital, and is always putting up pictures of the daughter, so I thought I would take pictures of my dd "cooking" and frame it for him and put something cute about following in Pop-Pop's footsteps.

Good luck



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does he typically wear an apron when he cooks/teaches classes? what about a NICE apron monogrammed with his name?

also, a digital photobook that yo ucan get printed and bound?



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along with the apron monogrammed you should get him a bag that he can carry his own tools in like if he is particular about the knifes he uses they have a carry case that you can buy. I would get him something to mark his new step in life. There is a monogram place at Ridgmar Mall



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Can you tell us a little about your dad? His likes and hobbies. That will help.



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My dad is a hunter so we took him to Bonnels (sp?) It is a nice restaurant that has game on the menu. He loved it. You all could take your dad to a nice restaurant that he would like.

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