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Updated on May 12, 2008
L.L. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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We started potty training our son about 3 weeks ago and so far he is doing great with going "pee pee" in the potty, but he seems terrified to poop there. We've tried every kind of bribe we can think of and while he is very interested in getting the reward, it's not enough of an incentive to get him to go there. Unfortunately he seems genuinely scared of going #2 in the potty, despite all our reassurances that it's not scary. As a result, he's been holding it in and when he finally needs to go he's become very constipated. I'm curious to hear what may have worked for others who have found themselves with little ones in the same situation.

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It might be that he doesn't like the water jumping up and hitting him on the rear. Maybe if he had a training potty with no water he might feel better about going #2.

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Well, there's nothing exactly "polite" about this, but we are at the VERY beginning of the whole potty training thing. We put his potty chair in the bathroom near our toilet, and he comes in and sits in his chair while we use the bathroom. Then he sees that we went potty or poo, and he gets to flush. He was in his chair watching me one day and I thought to be funny I would grunt and be a little cartoonish with it (to break the ice and make me laugh instead of feeling awkward about having someone watch me). I clenched my fists and grunted, and Joe copied me. He pooped in his potty chair just from doing that, lol. We made a big deal out of it, threw it in the toilet, and danced as it flushed away. Stupid, but whatever works....

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After your son poops in his his pants or diaper, take him to the potty, put the poop in the potty and get him to help flush. Give lots of praise for him helping you to flush. Hopefully, he will get the idea.

Also, if he sits on the potty to tee tee, he may accidentally poop there sometimes while urinating. If so, give lots of praise!

I had the same trouble with my daughter; she trained very easily to urinate in the potty, but took a very long time to train for bowel movements. Keeping things positive and giving praise was the key. Otherwise, I was upset and critical of her, which just made it worse. Hope this helps!



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YOU want ME to give that HUGE part of MYSELF to that PLACE and then just FLUSH IT!!!
Please woman can you giva a man a bit of alone time with the body parts you are expecting me to just throw away?!!
If you use a potty chair, and you let him see what it is, and let it stay there for a while and let him flush it on his own schedule, you may find that it will only take one or two times to see it isn't nearly as scary as he thought it was. Another method, much less preferred by my hubby but with quicker results, I let her use the yard like the puppy, and I let her use the pooper scooper. two times, we now have had no accidents in two months!!! Good Luck, it is a bodily function, just go with it, he'll get the hang of it, and he feeds off of your anxiety, so chill mama!!



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Okay, I know this sounds gross, but it's worth a try. My husband had my son at home one day and had to go himself. We always allow him to come in when we go in hopes to get him interested. So my husband decided to show him what happens when he was finished. Yes it's gross, but it helped him realize what happens when he poo poos, and then he watched it get flushed. Then all he kept saying what that he wanted to poo poo in the potty like Daddy. I think that was our life saver. Good luck, and I think it's something they all go through. The #1 part is not too difficult, but the #2 part is scary to them.



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Couldn't tell if you were using the big (pot) or a little potty chair, but what worked for my boy was to use a potty chair, and about the time of day when he would usually go, or if I could see signs he needed to I cheerfully would say "lets go potty" and would give him a favorite book to look at or "read" so he would sit there for a little while, a nd he would get interested & forget himself and go, and you may have to sit in there with him for the first few times, and after he sees it didn't hurt anythng to go and is proud of himself, you won't need to (sit ) in there with him anymore. Hope this works for you.



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Books are what solved our problem--my son's favorite is "Everyone poops." It made him feel better that everyone does it and eventually we would sit him on the potty and read the book and he was fine. There are a variety of other books about using the potty that also were nice but that definitely solved our problem.



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Wow you sound like me!!! I had the same problem with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. I had her pee potty trained in 3 days, but as far as pooping went well she just would not do it in the potty. After 2 1/2 months of pooping on herself I went to the store bought her Go Diego Go (boys) underwear. She loves him so I told her that she could not poop on Diego and baby Jaguar. She just started going and we have not had any accidents for about 3 weeks. I think some kids really have a hard time with pooping in the potty just step back let him go when he is ready. I know it is very difficult to do, but he will start going when he is ready.

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