Need Some Advice About 3 Week Old

Updated on January 19, 2014
K.T. asks from Joliet, IL
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Hello! I just need some advice or input about my 3 week old daughter before she goes in for her 1 month check-up. I took her to the Doctor's last week because she had diarrhea. She's had the diarrhea for about a week and would have 6-8 poo diapers a day. She was on ready to feed Enfamil Premium Infant formula. Doc told me to give her soy formula for a few days to help her with the diarrhea. She wouldn't drink it at all so I did some online research and I ended up changing her formula to ready to feed Similac Senistive . She doesn't have diarrhea anymore but she seems restless and hungry all the time now and wants to be held constantly. She was taking about 3-4 oz of the Enfamil every 3-4 hours. Now with the Similac she can take 4-5 oz every 2-3 hours. That seems like a lot for her little tummy to take in. I was wondering if maybe she's going through a growth spurt. Should I be worried about the amount of formula she's drinking? Should I stick with giving her the Similac Sensative or would it be okay to switch back to the Enfamil Premium? Thanks in advance for any advice or input.

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answers from Wausau on

The Similac Sensitive is more easily digestible, which is why it has fixed her tummy problem.

At the same time, easier digestion also means it isn't sitting in her stomach as long, and she may need to eat more often. Plus, the older she gets the more she will eat at one time. Of course she eats more at 3 weeks than she did just after birth.

It sounds like you're doing just fine, so keep it up and don't worry.

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answers from Boston on

She lost a lot with all that diarrhea so she's making up for it now. Let her eat until she is satisfied. I doubt any authority would recommend that you stop feeding an infant who is still hungry. Stop and burp her, sure, but keep going - she'll quit when she's full.

I wouldn't switch back if this one is working - she's keeping it down, she wants more of it (so maybe it's upsetting her less), and she doesn't have diarrhea. What is the advantage to switching back to something there was a problem with??? Stay with it!

Infants are tough and they do go through phases. It's impossible to know what's going on inside. And by the time you get it figured out, they change to something new!

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answers from New York on

Why would you switch back if you think the Similac is helping. If she is hungry, feed her. If she is not spitting up then don't change anything. She is only three weeks and babies do get fussy restless just because. And yes three week old babies love to be held. So hold her. Try a swing or putting her in carseat during the day. It is really trial and error. Now this is from a YiaYia of nine grandchildren. They grow up soooooo fast, so if she wants some extra holding, hold her because before you know it she will be scooting around. My 19 month old granddaughter who we babysit Mon to Driday naps everyday in my arms. I confessed that to pediatrician. Her response was "how lucky is she to she that she can sleep in the arms of a loving YiaYia. Have a good day. Enjoy your née precious gift. We are awaiting the. IfThey of another baby girl any day now.

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answers from Miami on

I second everyone here (except for the part about letting her nap in your arms - sorry grandmom!! LOL!)

Truly, it's best to use the formula that helps her stomach. My kids eventually took 6 ounces of milk every 3 hours. Things will change some when she starts eating food, but you're a long way from that.

I wouldn't hold her constantly, but do try to make her comfortable. A swing, a bouncy, singing and talking to her while you try to cook or clean, etc. Make sure that you don't ONLY pick her up or hold her when she's crying. You don't want her to think she has to cry to get picked up. Pick her up when she's content, too. Don't ALWAYS pick her up when she's crying. Sometimes, sit down beside her instead, love on her and talk to her, give her kisses. That helps her calm down without JUST the holding.

If she is restless and has difficulty when lying down, try laying her a different way and see if that helps. My first child did fine on his back. My second simply could not settle laying on his back or side. It just didn't work. I talked to the ped and she told me to try his stomach. Wow - he just slept the most contently that I had seen since bringing him home. She told me that some babies just needed to be on their tummies, and as long as I was careful, it would be okay. No toys in the crib, no pillows, have him in a sleeper and not use heavy blankets, and keep the room relatively cool at night. He's a senior in high school now and STILL sleeps on his stomach :)

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

Stick with the similac sensitive if she's drinking it & keeping it down.

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answers from New Orleans on

Well I know that my first could drink a crazy amount of breastmilk! I pumped a lot so that is the only reason I knew! I think that maybe she is catching up after being a lil' poo machine ;) if she is hungry, I say feed her. Just burp her and let her eat to satisfaction. As long as she is gaining weight properly, then you are good to go! The first six weeks are just really hard for most of us and newborns can seem to change from day to day sometimes, it sounds like what you are doing is working just fine at the moment. Congrats on your new little one!

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answers from Washington DC on

If she wants to be held constantly, she may need being upright to help her tummy. Consider baby-wearing. I know that it is associated with breastfed babies, but no reason their bottlefed counterparts can't benefit as well. My kids had reflux and had to be in carriers & slings as a infants or they projectile spewed whatever they'd just been fed.

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