Need Snack Ideas for a Get Together

Updated on July 13, 2008
A.I. asks from Tucson, AZ
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hi moms... im having a get together tomorrow for like 10-15 women and need some ideas on quick ,easy,cheap finger food snacks for the party. also any punh recipes will help too. there are some picky eaters so im not sure what will be best for a variety of eaters...thanks in advance :P

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answers from Dallas on

I know this is late & you're already had your get together, but here's a recipe for future use.

BLT dip:
small jar of mayonnaise
small container of sour cream
bacon bits
2 tomatoes

combine the mayo & sour cream
dice up tomatoes & add to mayo/sour cream mix
add about half bottle of bacon bits
cut bagels into small pieces for dipping

you can always add more tomatoes or bacon bits to taste

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with the other mom's who have posted, you have some great ideas now. I was just going to add that I have had a problem before because I have friends from different cultures and vegetarians or other issues were they cannot eat certain foods and it was just amazingly hard to plan. From then on I have had everyone bring their favorite snack. People love to help. I know sometimes I feel guilty for not bringing anything and just eating someone else's food, or I haven't liked their food, but felt forced to eat it out of respect. But when I bring something, it makes me feel good to be contributing to the fun and if I don't like what the person has, I can eat my own stuff. It seems to make a better atmosphere. Just food for thought.

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answers from Dallas on

Wow! I see you've gotten some great responses.

My favorite punch recipe is equal parts white grape juice and ginger ale. It tastes great and it doesn't stain! You can add sherbet or strawberries on top for a festive look.

Another easty party pleaser is a brick of cream cheese softened to room temperature. Pour a jar of picante sauce or salsa over the cream cheese and serve with chips or crackers. It's very easy and makes a pretty presentation.

For something sweet, my girlfriend took square Little Debbie cakes of various flavors and cut them in fourths and served them on a nice platter. They looked like little petit-fours. It was economical, cute and tasty. It was a great idea that I plan to use at my next party.

It looks like you've gotten some great ideas from Mama friends! Good luck and have FUN!!!



answers from Dallas on

My piece of advice for you is not to worry about the picky eaters! If you try and please everyone, you'll go insane. So, just make some things and go with it. Chances are, if they know they're picky, they'll have eaten beforehand - LOL! Cheese and crackers (or sliced baguette); fruit with yogurt dip (just cut up whatever fruit and put some strawberry yogurt in a bowl); rotel dip and chips (tostitos are good) (large thing of velveeta, 2 cans of rotel, 1/2 lb. cooked ground beef; put in microwave for 5 minutes; stir, keep heating until melted through; keep warm in a crock-pot); cut up carrots and celery with ranch dip.

I'm sure you'll get some other ideas on here - these are the quickest and cheapest I can think of right now! Have fun!! You can check out for punch recipes.



answers from Dallas on

The best super easy cheap punch is Minute Maid Frozen Fruit Punch combined with Ginger Ale.



answers from Dallas on

The Hummus at Costco is great! And you can get a big bag of those bagel chips to go with them, or Whole Foods has some great hummus and pitta chips!

I say do some fruit (who doesnt like fruit?) a veggi tray, hummus and pitta chips, and then some sort of crackers and cheese and meat tray. If you are feeling fancy you could do spinach dip (the back of the lipton onion soup mix has a great recipe) and then maybe chicken salad sadwiches.

Best of luck! (why am i so hungry all of a sudden? LOL!)



answers from Dallas on

Tortilla roll ups (or pinwheels as we call them) are always a crowd pleaser and easy to pick up with fingers. I have a recipe for Taco pinwheels (basically taco meat, lettuce, cream cheese,shredded cheese, and salsa) and/or spinach, ranch, bacon roll ups. Let me know if you'd like the recipes!



answers from Tyler on

I agree with the thought that you can NOT please everybody. Just put out a few easy things like a ready-made veggie tray (Wal-Mart has them in the produce section). I second the fruit and strawberry yogurt. Tortilla chips and salsa and/or bean dips are usually a crowd pleaser.

I'd make a couple gallons of tea (or buy the Red Diamond which is usually less than $3 a gallon and a real time saver) one sweet and one unsweet. Then have a pitcher of water for the ones who do not like tea (I'm one of those).

If you want sweets, you can buy an assortment of donuts and cut them into fourths with a toothpick in each piece. Then put out a bowl of mints and/or candy.

Have fun!

P. <><



answers from Dallas on

if you have a sam's club card i highly suggest the mini quiches and meatballs. both are awesome.



answers from Amarillo on

Not sure if this is a morning or evening get together, but here are some favorites of mine.
Punch-Get a flavored sweetened tea mix (I like raspberry) and instead of using water, use ginger ale, but pour it is SLOWLY because there is a LOT of foam. I sometimes use equal parts raspberry and lemon tea.
Snacks-This will sound weird, but people who don't like olives have liked this one...get regular green olives and lay them on a paper towel to dry. Set out a stick of cream cheese to warm to room temp. and chop some pecans. Cut about a 1/4 inch of the cream cheese and place it on the palm of your hand, place an olive in the middle and form the cream cheese around the olive, then roll it in the pecans. Cut this in half and place on the serving tray. A quicker way to accomplish the same thing is to make an olive cheese ball out of the same ingred., just use chopped olives and mix with cream cheese. Use your favorite crackers to "dip" with.

My newest favorite is this cheese cake filling that you buy over by the cream cheese. Put it in a pretty serving bowl and get the graham cracker sticks and/or favorite fruit to dip with.



answers from Dallas on

Target has an assortment of appetizers in their frozen section. They are by Archer Farms (their own brand) and really good. I am doing the spinach/feta phyllo turnovers by Archer Farms this weekend for a party I am having.

Good luck.

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