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Updated on July 21, 2008
E.S. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Moms. I was wondering if anyone has a skincare product that they can recommend. Recently I purchased a glycolic peel from Avon. I love it! However, it has not taken away the blotchy red spots or the uneven skintone. Is there anything out there that would make the color of my skin more even? I do not wear foundation and even though I love my mineral powder, it does not seem to cover everything. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

After my 3 pregnancies I got acne and rosacea (sp?)...I tried lots of different things.

What has worked for me is Nicole Miller products. Also Renew lotion has worked wonders.

I'm not blotchy and my acne is gone!

[email protected]

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answers from Dallas on

Obagi... After the first 3 weeks, you will love your skin. It removes the top skin layers, so your skin peels for 3 weeks. After that, the process assists your skin in regular turn over. You will not believe how great your skin looks. My dermatologist recommended it when I was getting married. It reduces wrinkles and even tones.


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I have SEVERE roseca and I LOVE the philosophy products. I use all of them, the Purity clenser, the eye and lip cream and the peel and hope in a jar. I have been using them for about 6 months and my rosecea is gone and my skin is beautiful. I got a great deal on a kit at Nordstroms but I know QVC has lots of philosophy products. It even got rid of my Melasma skin discolorations from my pregnancy that were present since my 1st son was born 5 years ago. they are now gone...I also use the ARBONNE mineral powder makeup. I stopped using cream foundation and love that as well, it really has full coverage and looks natural.

(I will add that I used the Arbonne skin clensers for over a year and did not have the results that I had with the philosophy products in just 6 months... but that is just my experience I have also tried Mary Kay and did not see results. I do really like the mineral powder foundation by ARBONNE though).

you can see photos of me on my web site under meet the owner,

Hope that helps,
A. J



answers from Dallas on

I love my Arbonne skin care line. I had really bad acne after i had my son two years ago. I tried every acne set out there. I used Arbonne's acne set, and nothing! I switched to their Intelligence line, which adapts to YOUR skin type!! If you're oily, it won't add too much moisture; and if you're dry it'll add just the right amount! My skin has been the clearest since i can remember! I use a thermal masque once a week, with rejuvinating cream, and the wash and lotion daily. You might want to give that a try. I also use the baby products on my son who has very bad eczema.
I love the mineral powder, as someone recommended. If you feel you need more coverage; add more! or use a conceler. i can send you some samples if you'd like!
Please email me directly at [email protected]




answers from Dallas on

I have to agree totally with Tracy! Nicole Miller and Renew are awesome and VERY AFFORDABLE!

H. M.



answers from Dallas on

Arbonne anti-aging line is simply the BEST.


answers from Dallas on

I use the CLinique line of products. Right now I use the Repairwear Series for day and night and the Clinique sunscreen daily. All products I use on my face are by Clinique.

I have used these products since I was about 12 yrs old consistantly. I have some Cherokee in me so I do worry about dark spots because that can happen especially with my background. I am VERY pleased with Clinique.

I am 46 and I still pass for very early 30's when I am out and about. I started my 13 yr old on Clinique products last year and she loves them as well.

IF you need a dermatologist....Dr. Allen Menter is the best. He moved down around Baylor lasy year but he is well worth it. We see him about once every 18 months to check our skin. My daughter uses a product he prescribes called Duac and it is AWESOME. She has NO problems with her skin whatsoever. He friends always ask her how she has no zits.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

This is kind of late in responding, but I had surgery in June and just getting back in swing of things.

I have been with Mary Kay for 17 years and would love to let you try for free several products I think you would enjoy.
I leave for Seminar Tuesday-Saturday but call my cell and we can set up a consult if you are interested!
L. B



answers from Tyler on

I know this is going to sound "crazy", but you may need to drink more water.

Try it, it can't hurt.

P. <><



answers from Dallas on

E., Mary Kay has products that will help with the uneven skintone. I would need more information on your red spots to help you with those. Visit my web site to email me or email me direct at [email protected] and we can talk more.

L. Grimes



answers from Dallas on

Obagi CLEAR worked great evening out my skin tones. It is sold at It is a little pricey but a bottle lasts for months.

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