Need Recommendations on Good Twin Strollers!

Updated on May 13, 2008
C.S. asks from Lancaster, CA
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I have a 4 year old and a 17 month old. I am 5 months pregnant and I went for my first ultrasound and found out I am having twin boys. I am feeling overwhelmed right now about how I am going to cope but aside from that I need some recommendations on good twin strollers that will grow with my babies that are possibly compact, easy to steer (some are hard to push) and just a good quality stroller. I recently brought a Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller thinking I am having one but now have to return it for something more practical since hearing the news. Also it doesn't have to seat three, just the twins would be fine.

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Congratulations on your twin pregnancy......I too am having twin boys in Sept. and have a 25 month old, 6 year old and a 9 year old.

I did a little research on strollers (there aren't many out there for 2 babies + a toddler but the Joovy big caboose seems perfect. It's a double stroller with a toddler seat.
Otherwise Valco baby has a toddler seat attachment you can see it on their and go to the trimode twin stroller to see the attachment on a double stroller.

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yup, Lori has good advice!!! Joovy big caboose, has room for 3, but I have tryed pushing it, and its not easy at all. I really like the Valco baby twin stroller. The 3rd seat is an attachment that can come off when the 17 mos. old wants to walk. The bummer is that the carseats can't snap in with the toddler seat in. It pushes great, and can go with you thru the long haul! Plus it folds up smaller then the Joovy big caboose.

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check out my friend Kelly's site she is a mom of triplets. I know you said you just need a stroller for the twins but check out the double with the detachable toddler seat up front - too cool! I can't think of the name of it but it is at her site.

I by the way have the Bob Revolution Duallie and LOVE IT. Love love love it!

Best wishes to you,



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The problem with twins is that when they are little the needs are different than when they get older. You should plan on two strollers, you can sell the first one to help fund the 2nd one (at about the age of 1 1/2)

I really liked my Eddie Bauer in-line when the babies were little. I started with a Peg-Perego b/c it was supposed to be the BEST -- but it was heavy, had hardly any storage, and once they were out of the car carrier's the seats did not recline very well. The Eddie Bauer has a snap and go; plus both seats fully recline; and you can turn the one in front to face eachother, which is helpful when feeding or just for their entertainment. It also had way better storage, and was light in comparison. But they are hard to manipulate when shopping, and are always heavier and harder to push than the side by sides. I've just never seen a side by side that accomodates car carriers -- if you find one, opt for it.

The side by side that is pretty slick (my friend has it)- that is the Combi Twin Sport. Lightweight, compact with durable wheels and easy maneuvering, and good storage.

However, by the time I figured out life would be easier with a side by side, I just had a cheapo-graco and it worked just fine, though it didn't last. After that I bought two $20 umbrella strollers and stroller clips and used that for travel b/c it is easier for air travel, you can separate them if you need to, and was extremely light and efficient and I didn't care it it got ruined.

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