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Updated on February 12, 2009
T.S. asks from Fox River Grove, IL
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I don't wear make-up. I never really have. Now, maybe I SHOULD have but I just never liked the way it felt on my skin. I'm rounding the corner to 36 and I would like something that evens out my skin a bit. I'm curious as to what everyone uses and likes. About my skin:

It's combination...very dry but gets oily in the "t-zone"
I have relatively large pores (a gift from my mother)
I think I'm light/medium tone as I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes

I'm not looking for a beauty system or process. I have to get two boys off to daycare in the AM and myself off to work. So, I'm looking for something quick, easy and basic. My husband doesn't want me to wear any at all as he doesn't like the pancake look, but I'd like to.

And, I've tried Mary Kay (a friend was a consultant and I had a party or whatever). I didn't like it at all. Too much to do and looked yucky on me.

Thanks for any advice.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I'm going to head to Ulta this week to try the Bare Minerals.

GOT IT and (so far) I love it. It really does look natural. Doesn't give me the pancake look and doesn't rub off on stuff.

Thanks again!

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I suggest Bare Minerals also. If you want to "try it out" you can go to Ulta and they have ladies help you find your shade and tell you how to put in on. They also give you a video in the kit to show you how to use it at home.

It's great! It's a complete kit. Goes on easily. And it's all powder so it's great for not clogging pores or causing shining later. It's very light and doesn't make you look "made up" either.

The first time I used it even my husband noticed and said, WOW, your make-up doesn't look so heavy! Now I don't often wear make up, but he said when I did I looked "made up", which he didn't like. He said this looked soft and more natural. (This "kit" is a concealer/foundation powder that's great to even out skin tone or cover up blemishes/dark circles, and then a blush and "top" powder. 3 quick steps.)

I also recommend the "pink tube" of Maybelline mascara. I have gotten compliments on having long lashes that weren't clumpy or overdone.

For lips, I like the lip balms with a hint of color.

I hope this helps!

BTW - little known fact...Ulta will take back ANY product you buy. Save your receipt. Even if you just "don't like it" they will let you return it. Also, Ulta has coupons in the newspaper almost every week.

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I love PUR. It's always in sale at Ulta. It is worth every penny.



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Hi T.- I have suffered with horrible skin ever since my son was born 7yrs ago. I had all the same probs you do.My sister turned me onto Bare Minerals/Essentials.....WOW was I amazed. I'd always seen it on TV but like everyone I was sceptical. My sister let me use her stuff to try and I've been hooked ever since. Once you get the hang of it it's so fast. MY boyfriend even noticed a difference and could not believe how great I looked. The best part you do not feel like you're wearing anything on your face. I have my own home based business and I love the fact that it lasts to. I look the same at the beginning of my parties all the way to the end....and boy do I sweat. I see that you live in Fox River Grove. I'm in LITH's and I'd be more than happy to do your make-up for you so you know if you like it before you buy. Just let me know and I'll give you my #. Good luck!!



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Try Bare Minerals. It is great. I also don't wear makeup but i have recently tried Bare minerals and it makes the skin glwoing , even skin tone and very natural. I love it. I bought the starter kit from Sephora. You can get it from Ulta too. Kit is for $60.00 . you can ask for samples too if you wanna try it.



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Hi T.,

Have you ever try products by Nicole Miller.

They have them and they are natural and awesome. Let me know if you need help getting them.



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Hi T.!

I am not big into wearing makeup either. I don't really have the time to apply and don't like the fact that you feel like something is on your face.

Well, I love Bare Escentuals. It is the only makeup I will wear. It is so light on the face doesn't feel there. It compliments what you have instead of trying to cover it. And it is very quick to apply. I love all their products. They have a store at Woodfield Mall in Schaumbug. It is definetly worth the stop.
You can also purchase through QVC (where I started - 5yrs ago), Sephoria or Ulta. All of them but QVC will do a makeover for you to try it out.

I too have dark hair and medium tone skin with oily in the t-zone.

Hope this helps!

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