Need Recommendations for New "Video" Camera

Updated on March 12, 2011
R.B. asks from Bedford, TX
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I just paid a chunk of money to have some VCR tapes (mainly of my son) changed over to DVDs. I would like to purchase a new camera that is up-to-date with all the latest technology (which I have no idea what it is). Does anyone have any recommendations as to a good avenue to go when it comes to recording now-a-days?
I have a camera that takes video and then I upload those to my computer, but it eats a lot of memory on my camera and my camera video quality is not that great.
Any help in understanding the newest technology and recommendations is much appreciated.
Thank you,
R. :)

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So What Happened?

Thank you to all that responded. That is exactly the info I was looking for. :) As always, posting here was very helpful!

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answers from Dallas on

We just hot a digital video camera. It is a cannonfs30. I love it. I have edited video with it and it came out great! I will tell you I have used the flip for some projects and was extremely disappointed with the video and sound quality and it's ability to pick up the right audio.
The cannon was under 250 with sd card:)

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answers from Spartanburg on

Yes, I vote Flip Mino too...awesomely easy and portable!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I bought a Flip MIno HD and love it.



answers from Dallas on

I love the flip cam for day to day family videos. Its small, cheap, and it uploads directly to your computer. It comes with its own software, so you can put a title, music and credits on, easy peasy. It also allows you to easily share videos. We have a "nice" canon video camera which cost over $600. We havent used it since I got the flip video camera, because its just so easy.

Limitations - zoom isnt so great.

If you are a semiserious video person, and need ultra high quality video, the flip might not be for you. But if you just want to easily film family moments, I think its great.



answers from Chicago on

I received a Flip for Christmas & love it. I've never had anything else to compare it to & just use it for day to day silly things the kids do. I do like that it has a site to upload & save everything to.



answers from Dallas on

New video cameras have built-in hard drives to record the footage in ditigal files - just like your camera does. Tapes and CD's are going the way of the dodo. This is possible because hard drives have become so very cheap now. The thing to do is to buy external hard drives to hold all of this video footage and keep your computer's hard drive free for other things. The second thing to do is to buy and get familiar with video-editing software, so you can edit and combine all of your footage into meaningful moments - this also reduces the ditigal file size. When you buy a camera, be sure it's HD.



answers from Los Angeles on

What price range are you looking at? Decide on what you're willing to spend first to narrow down your choices. Check for reviews of video cam. Do you want something that takes both pictures and video or both? I have a camera that takes both pictures and videos. And I love it! You don't have to carry two things that has only one function. I have a panasonic lumix dmc-zs3 (newer version is zs7). It takes HD video in MPEG4 format. The lens is high quality resulting in amazing videos. It has many modes for indoor/outdoor, day/night, action/stills, etc. And it is small and lightweight.
My experience with the flip. Pro: fits in my jean pocket. Took HD video.
Con: poor lens quality, resulting in low quality video, unable to handle low lighting condition like indoors; only feature is zoom; unable to capture sound more than 3 ft way; died after 13 months (one month after warranty ends) I used it maybe 6 times in the one year I owned it. I still have videos in the flip of my then 3 year old playing and sledding in the snow that I could not upload before it died. Every now and then I google to see if someone has found a way to retrieve video from the flip. Oh well.
My advice, stick with a well known company that builds high quality electronics. They're more likely to have a better warranty, too. Also, your typical digital camera uses standard micro SD card which you can remove from the camera and retrieve pictures/videos if your camera should die.



answers from Austin on

We have a bloggie, so far, so good. The only thing is it's not good in the dark and cannot capture things all that far away very well. Otherwise, great quality, sounds, picture, and so small!



answers from New York on

I have to disagree on the Flip. I have one and find that it's very shaky. Go for something a little larger.

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