Need Recommendations for Intellitainer-exersaucer-activity Center Type Toys

Updated on July 23, 2010
S.S. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
6 answers

Hi, Moms! My daughter is 6 1/2 months old and has just outgrown the baby swing. We need to get her an activity center where she sits in it and can play. My son had the intellitainer but I don't have it anymore. What do you Mom's think is the best one to buy? It doesn't need to be pink, just exciting and fun for her. Please let me know what cool things you have found. Thanks!!

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answers from Miami on

Babies should not be put in an upright sitting position like in an exersaucer because it strengthens the wrong groups of muscles. It also promotes toe walking. Babies are pushing with their feet/legs and nothing is being strengthened in the upper body/trunk/neck/shoulders where it should be first strengthened. Put your baby on the floor only where they can experience movement on tummy/back and sides. Movement is the only way primary reflexes are integrated. Babies need as much as they can get instead of being put into walkers, jumpers, bumbos and the like. Early motor movement goes a long way when that child gets into school. Anyone reading this, please consider the information. I work with lots of delayed babies and we know the causes and prevention.



answers from Dallas on

We had an exersaucer and both of my boys loved it. Evenflo makes the best ones because they're collapsible for storage. There's also a cute fisher price free standing jumper I've been seeing at Babies R Us lately.



answers from Tampa on

I just wanted to say that if you are not opposed to slightly used things - check out the Once Upon a Child in Pinellas. I know there is one at Largo Mall. They sell gently used and some new children's items. I bought an exersaucer for my daughter there and it was at least $20 cheaper and in GREAT shape! No sense paying a small fortune for things they outgrow so fast! Good Luck!
I do know I saw one type where the seat slid back and forth and had toys on all sides - a little larger than the exersaucer but seemed to be more entertaining. The only reason I didn't give it a shot was that I needed something at 4 1/2 months and my daughter wasn't ready for it.


answers from Nashville on

We had this for my daughter and we LOVED it!. It is like a jumper and exersaucer in one. Even when she outgrew the toy, she still loved crawling up to it, pulling herself up, and playing with the toys while she practiced standing on the outside. (I should clarify, she didn't physically outgrow it. She is SUPER active and was out of baby chairs by 4 months and didn't like being contained in her activity center at about 7-8 months after she really started crawling. The center is good for even young toddler size.) This center could entertain fer for a long time, even after she quit using it. She even liked then I took the little piano out of it so she could play with that while sitting. I would highly recommend it. We bought ours at Target which was a mistake, because it is MUCH cheaper at Babies R Us, especially if you have one of their coupons. Good luck!!



answers from Augusta on

get her a johnny jump up. They are much more fun than those exersaucer things.
My daughter was moble from a VERY early age and hated hers but her doorway jumper was a hit. she could bounce bounce bounce all day long if I let her.



answers from Jacksonville on

One word--JUMPEROO. Best baby buy we had ever made.

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