Need Recommendations for a New Vaccuum

Updated on June 15, 2011
S.H. asks from Harned, KY
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I have a 3 month old son and am having trouble working full-time and keeping up with housework. We finally splurged and hired a housekeeper. Today was her first day and she called to inform us that our vaccuum bit the dust. (How ironic!) My husband looked at it and doesn't think it can be repaired. It's several years old and wasn't the best vaccuum on the market when we bought it, so it's probably not worth fixing anyway. Long story short, I need recommendations for a new vaccuum. I want something durable & easy to use, but I don't want to spend a fortune. I'm also thinking I'd like a bagless model. I'd appreciate some advice. Does anyone have a vaccuum that they really like and do you remember what you paid for it?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the feedback! We ended up buying a Dyson DC33 multi floor vac, and it's great! It's easy to use & so far seems perfect for both our carpet and tile floors.

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answers from Raleigh on

You really should get a Dyson. They truly are a miracle! You can get good deals at the big discount warehouses or on Amazon.

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answers from Detroit on


I bought it at Big Lots (referbished) and it's AWESOME! Reason I bought a referbished was that it was less than 1/2 the price of a brand new one and Dyson goes through them (when sent back) and replaces any moving parts and you still get a warranty!!!

Mine isn't the 'Animal' or anything, but it picks up everything I need it to!!!

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answers from Albany on

Got my Dyson Ball at Can't even remember what life was like Before Dyson! Was about $250 a year or so ago.


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answers from San Francisco on

I am in love with my Dyson vacuum. It is pricey compared to others cuz it really SUCKS! hee..heee!

I think we paid close to 300 for it...but is the best!!

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answers from Raleigh on

Dyson hands down! They are amazing!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I asked this question a few months ago and Dyson was the resounding answer. We'll be purchasing the Dyson DC25 in the near future! Bagless, light, turns on a dime, highly recommended.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have 2 Dysons - the smaller Dyson Ball upright, and a big Dyson canister vacuum. I love them both. Dyson is worth every penny. You can get them a bit cheaper at Costco. I think our big canister vac was $350 or so there.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have a Kirby. It's old and heavy, but it's indestructible -- like a tank! It is 17 years old this month and I love it.

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answers from Nashville on

Dyson, they average $300, get it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and use a 20% discount coupon.

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answers from Louisville on

I would not recommend a bagless. I bought a Hoover Windtunnel bagless vacuum a few years back and our experience is that they're not worth the money. I hadn't had it but a few months and one day was using the tools to vacuum ceiling edges, door jambs, etc., and it suddenly started smoking with a horrible burning smell. Since it was still under warranty, I took it to the repair shop where I was told the motor had burned out and the part that's supposed to automatically shut the machine off had malfunctioned. They replaced the motor and I had the thing a few more months and the same thing happened. When I took it to the repair shop this time they refused to repair it because they said the design was bad and it would just keep happening.

In addition, I can tell you that when you empty the cup, dust goes everywhere. Also, be prepared to clean about 3-5 filters every time you use it. Even with meticulous filter cleaning, my vacuum couldn't handle sitting stationary for over 10 minutes, apparently, without overheating. Both times I took mine in for repair, I was accused of not cleaning the filters as the cause - until I showed them the filters and they could see that they were spotless. So, I wouldn't recommend a bagless cleaner. They're more work and not worth the money.

And I wouldn't recommend Hoover anymore, since they sold out to another company. Nor would I recommend Eureka. They're pretty worthless. At this time we're also without a vacuum, so I don't know what to recommend, just what not to buy.

Good luck!

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answers from Raleigh on

The Dyson is one of the best-rated vacuums out there. We absolutely love ours. We have the 'animal', as we have animal fur to deal with, and the attachments are designed for that. It is bagless, easy to clean every once in a while, durable, and has great suction. The attachments are easy to get to, use, etc. The hose extends well and the cord is long. If you go to and search for the dyson, you'll be able to scroll down and see lots and lots of reviews from other folks 'loving their vacuums'! Oh, and if you have or download a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon for 20% off, you can buy it there. Their store policy is to accept coupons on *all* their merchandise, (even if it says on the coupon that it's not good for the 'big things'). They also have a guaranteed lowest price policy, so that if you see an advertisement for a lower price on it at another store, you can bring that in, and they'll match it before the coupon. I think we ended up paying about $300 for ours a few years ago. I've wasted more than that in loser vacuums in the past. Happy hunting!

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answers from Johnson City on

My Mom has a Rainbow... it's nice but sure can be a pain having fill the tub with water everytime you need to use it.

I love my Dyson! Hubby bought it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It's bagless... big plus! I vacuumed with my old vacuum cleaner and then went over the floors with my Dyson... the old vacuum missed tons of dirt. It's easy to empty and has attachments for everything... even dusting. The canister snaps off and with one push of a button all the dirt falls out into the trash.

I will never own another vacuum that takes bags or water.

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answers from Great Falls on

Get a dyson! i have a dyson and a dyson handheld too and i love them!



answers from Los Angeles on

I LOVE my roomba (and scooba, too)! Roomba is a robotic vacuum. The newer ones can be programmed to turn on and vacuum specific rooms when you want them too. It makes several passes of each section of floor and really picks up the dirt. It senses objects and vacuums around them. It senses stairs and won't fall off a step, and can vacuum both carpet and floors without having to change any positions or tools. After vacuuming, Roomba finds its way back to its base and plugs itself in to recharge. It's totally hands off (you may even find you don't need to have the housekeeper come as much). The only downside is that there are no attachments for vacuuming baseboards, ceiling corners, etc. We just use a broom and damp cloth for those areas, and have an old Sears vac around for the rare occasions when we need more than the Roomba.

The Scooba is a robotic mop. All you have to do is fill it, close off the area (with doors or the infrared containment towers), push the button, and walk away. One of the nicest things about it is that it sucks up the dirty water in a separate well from the cleaner, so it's always cleaning with clean solution, not pushing dirty stuff around. It does an amazing cleaning job as it has a rotary scrubber that actively scrubs the floor, which is a lot more than a standard mop can do.

I've had mine for about 5 years now. Both are very durable, but they are pricey (from $200 - $600 each, depending on the model you buy). I figured the price of the two together was less than two months of weekly housekeeping costs. You can check out the different options at I believe you can purchase them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Costco, and Sears. You can also buy directly from irobot.

Oh, and they're fun to watch, too! (At least until the novelty wears off.)



answers from Raleigh on

As a cleaning service owner, I would recommed a Kenmore (if you have no pets) or Dyson (if you have pets). A great vac can cost you anywhere from 200 to 400 dollars. Hope this helps!



answers from Phoenix on

I would love a Dyson too but they are so expensive I just can not afford it right now. I bought the Dirt Devil bagless Vac and love it. It picks up grate last a while and is very inexpensive. Mine just went out and I am headed to buy another one. They are around 60 bucks but Target has them on sale occassionally for around 35. That is when I bought my last one. Now I am searching for a sale before I buy another one within the next couple of days. Good luck! I hope one day to be an owner of a Dyson


answers from Spokane on

I bought one a few weeks ago and I love it! It is the bagless Pet Cyclonic from Hoover. The only con is that it is a heavy vacuum.
**I also asked a question about vacuums ~ you should go search my profile and read my responses. I got some great ones!



answers from Charlotte on

Shark Navigator- it's awesome! The only problem is that the canister is a little small, so you have to empty it often. It is on sale now at Costco for $129 (I paid $199 and it was worth it!) It's the best, less expensive vacuum on the market. I have allergies and was worried about a Hepa filter, but it picks up everything and my severe dust allergies are not bothered when I vacuum.



answers from Nashville on

i love a bagless. we have a bisil. i don't think i spelled that right. any way we really like it. good luck. R.


if i had an extra 500.00 i would get an elexetrlux. i think they are the best thing out there. my mother sold hers in a yard sale for 10.00 and it was about a 1961 model. i have the same make that is used for the car. i have never know of any other kind lasting like that. now you can get them at lowes.



answers from Greenville on

Go with the rainbow!!! awesome vacuum pd about $2,000 but, the price you pay for the housekeeper can be saved by buying this vacuum. Had mine for 6 yrs and still love it!!! All you need is water..



answers from Louisville on

we looked around and realized you get what you pay for. invest in a vaccum its worth it!! we got a riccar I LOVE IT!! its a bit heavy but it sucks up any and everything! its so powerful it will vibrate the dirt out of the carpet and suck it up. im so glad we invested the money in it



answers from Lexington on

I have a suggestion, but you probably won't like it. I just paid more for one vacuum than I have paid for all vacuums I have ever purchased in my life!!!, but I am thrilled. My son started selling the Kirby sweeper and of course dear old mom had to help him out on his first sale!!!! He doesn't have that job any longer, but I sure am glad he had it for a couple of weeks!!! I love my Kirby and don't have any regrets about spending that kind of money for a sweeper. This is the FIRST AND ONLY sweeper that I have been able to sweep entirely under my furniture, all of it and I am going to try it out on the car tomorrow. I could go on and on, just something to think about. I got a great payment plan!!!



answers from Orlando on

Kirby!!!! You can buy one refurbished much cheaper than brand new. My mom's is 20 years old and still going strong. I had a dirt devil until it recently died. I just bought my own 2001 Kirby from a pawn shop (found it on accident one day). They were asking $129 and I paid $80 for it. As a previous mom mentioned, they ARE like a tank and last forever. All the plastic ones die and then they are gone for good. Kirby's are metal and everything can be fixed or replaced. They're great.



answers from Fargo on

The only thing my Dyson is good for is target practice. I hate it! I am looking into a Miele and a Kirby.
My absolute favorite vaccum is the Rainbow, but I can't afford it right now!


answers from Lexington on

I have read dozens of RAVING reviews (on many sites - cause I typically research any purchase like this) regarding "Shark Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum with Accessories". It's available at many local stores for $139 - $159. I'm on a Waitlist to purchase one via QVC, which offers a set of accessories that differs from what is available in stores, and is offered online via the Shark site. The QVC price (before S&H) is $152.76. My Hoover has served me well, and still works. This Shark, according to other consumers is: affordable, pretty quite, very light weight, has a sealed washable HEPA filter, is really versatile, handles pet hair well, and gets dirt up exceptionally well compared to other vacuums consumers have used.

Find it here:


answers from Dallas on

I've recommended it several times, Dyson!!! That thing rocks.
C. :)


answers from Dallas on

I have a top of the line Oreck and LOVE it. Paid about $800 or so



answers from Knoxville on


LOL The Dyson Animal Ball is 1 of the BEST on the market. No one is paying me to say this. I wanted a Dyson from the time they came out but did not want a grey and yellow vacuum (lol, I'm PICKY). I also wanted the ball rather than the standard head. I waited about 5 years for it. It is the smoothest vacuum I have EVER used, INCLUDING European models. It is lightweight, easy to use, attractive, powerful, truly picks up EVERYTHING (socks, cell phone cords,, and is simple to disassemble in order to rinse clean the filters. Although my now 12 year old son has always been helpful around the house, vacuuming is now HIS JOB, and he gets upset when anyone else uses HIS Dyson...that should tell you something :-)

I honestly cannot say enough about this machine. Full price it seems to be $550, HOWEVER, mine was $443 at a home improvement store and has been that price as long as I can remember. This may seem pricy to outrageous; I find that it is quite the investment, and more than worth it from top to bottom. I am confident you will agree once you have tried a Dyson Animal Ball.

There are also Dyson stores where you can try one out :-)



answers from Minneapolis on

I have a Shark Navigator (the little lavender colored one). I paid just under $200 for it and I LOVE it. It is light weight for carrying up and down the steps (we live in a multi-level house)...vacuuming the steps (the hose is long..this was something I looked for too). We have 2 cats who shed like mad plus I do home childcare, so I do daily vacuuming of large rugs, carpets and a quick run over the hardwoods to get up cat hair and Kitty litter that falls off the cats (ugh) . I was just not going to pay what a Dyson cost...I could not justify it, so did my own research and this is what we decided on. (have had it about 18 mos)

BTW~ I work vacuums to 22 years since I have lived away from my Mothers home...this is just my 3rd vacuum...and we have always had pets...lots of hair, etc...and the very frequent use the last 14 years with operating my own Home Daycare. My last 2 were dirt devils and not spendy at all. I just don;t think you need to spend a small fortune to get a good one.

I love my Shark Navigator!

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