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Updated on February 05, 2011
S.G. asks from Pottstown, PA
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My daughter is doing a creative project for school. She has chosen to make a state cookie. This cookie needs to be decorated with all of the different landforms and landmarks specific to that state. What I need help with is finding a good recipe for the cookie dough and for the icing to decorate. The cookie does NOT need to be edible, so I'm looking for a recipe that would hold up better and is a little more denser than say a sugar cookie dough. I also need a recipe for an icing that will dry hard, maybe royal icing? I don't want to use a standard-Betty Crocker-in the can icing that will take too long to harden. I need something that will set-up kind of quick, so that we can keep adding layers without having to wait days in between for it to dry.

Any ideas or places I could find such recipes? Thanks mamas!

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answers from Sacramento on

Cream of Tartar stiffens. I'd probably start with sugar cookie dough and just add some extra c.o.t.

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answers from York on

Since it doesn't need to be edible, how about a salt dough that you can roll out and cut just like you would a sugar cookie? You could use the same dough for the landforms and landmarks. Make everything, let it dry and then paint and glue the landforms and landmarks to the state shape. I just made salt dough this week for my kids and it dried really nicely. You can either bake it or let it dry for 48 hours. The ones I baked puffed up too much but the ones I let dry on their own stayed nice and flat. The recipe was 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt and 1 cup water. I think I baked mine for about 1/2 hour at 325.

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When I was I kid I loved working with salt dough. It's inedible, but when it's dry it becomes very hard and you can use water colors to paint it. You can work with it similarly as you would with playdough.
We always air dried our creations, but apparently you can also bake them in the oven to dry them faster.
The recipe is
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
water to make it smooth (approx. 3/4 cups)

For more details type "salt dough" into your search engine.
Can't help you with the icing, but as I said, the salt dough can be painted.

Hope that helps.

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If it's not going to be eaten I would encourage her to use a salt dough recipe. This is simple and is easy to make the land forms . Then she can simply paint it once dry.use little toothpick flags to mark out landmarks. Less expensive too. No matter what once you bake cookie dough it will flaten out. Salt dough holds it's shape and you can dry it in the sun. I've had experience making things out of both cookie dough and salt dough and for what she is trying to achieve I'd say salt dough would be the best thing to use. Have fun

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answers from Salt Lake City on

this site has a sugar cookie and royal icing recipe. I have not tried them, but judging by the photos of the cookies, it seems like it is what you are looking for.

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I have a cookbook called Family Fun Cookbook. It has recipes in it that are for crafting. Try going on line and I am pretty sure they have some of the recipes on their site. I believe this is their site

Hope this helps!

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answers from Philadelphia on

How about working with a rice Krispies treat? It's very malleable and hardens well. It can also be coated with icing.


answers from Austin on

Salt dough is super cheap and the buggies will not be tempted..

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