Need Plumber + Other Repair Stuff in Frisco

Updated on December 16, 2009
P.G. asks from Frisco, TX
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I need to find an honest, reasonably priced plumber in Frisco. I have 1 toilet that is (well was) leaking and needs fixed and another toilet that keeps having this dripping sound. Also I want him to be able to check the water heater. Then if I can get lucky, this person can also fix my front door. The strip came off the bottom underside of the door and now there is a big draft that needs to be fixed there, as well as along the side. This person should be flexible in schedule since I'll have to take off work to be home. And I want to be comfortable being home alone with this person. Is there such a person out there to do all this? I trust your opinions.

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If you haven't gotten this done yet, my Husband is the Master Plumber and Owner of Superplumbers and can repair both toilets for $150.00 TOTAL. All our work is warrantied and we have a Certificate of Insurance on file with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. Call us any time ###-###-####



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Fritz Plumbing in Frisco is fantastic! They do a great job and are reasonably priced.



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Hi. Prior to Thanksgiving, we had two toilets worked on due to company staying at our house. We used Andy on Call. It's a company. One toilet need minor work, but the other, was pretty extensive but the rates were good. You might get a plumber who also does other jobs around the house. But we have used this company for several job's around the house over the last 4 + years.



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M & S Plumbing

Ask for Stanley. He's absolutely the BEST!! Fair price, job well done, no hassles, incredible customer service.

Can't say enough things about this guy!

I'm not sure about the stripping; but, you can rest comfortably with Stanley in your home.



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Johnson Plumbing Contractors


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We use Classic Plumbing. ###-###-####

They have been fair and reasonable with quality work. For starters, they unclogged an outdoor drain, then we upgraded our 2 water heaters and they did the install. Again, good work. The last time they were here, they replaced the water outlets outside.

On the small jobs, the same man came out and he was very nice. On the water heaters, there were a couple of men here. I never once felt uncomfortable. Then again, I have 3 dogs that are very protective of me.

I don't know if they would do the door strip or not. My hubby is very handy around the house and he does most everything except the big jobs the pros have to do.

Good luck

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