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Updated on July 24, 2011
R.M. asks from Evanston, IL
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We are doing a strawberry shortcake theme for my daughter's 3rd birthday and everyone on here always has such cute party ideas so I thought I would pick your brains instead of looking around online for ideas :) We are probably going to have a pretty large group of people and don't want to spend more than a couple hundred dollars... any thoughts?

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answers from Fort Collins on

If you have a mixed age group or willing adults, try field day games. You can find tons of ideas online, but we use The Three legged race, Gunny sack race, Wheel barrel race, any kind of relay race, Water ballon toss, Egg and spoon race, Stick horse race or make an obstacle course. Get some ribbons, a bag of candy, or fruit snacks or some dollar store trinkets as prizes and skip the goodie bags.

We have also had everyone bring a bag of water balloons or a squirt gun and had a major water fight. Remind everyone to bring towels and dry clothes.

If you know the location pretty well make a scavenger hunt with simple clues for the kids to follow. We have given small trinkets at each clue location or just have a big prize (like the cake) at the end.

I usually make a fun shaped cake for my kids too, but last year I made a simple cake and bought a little Cinderella toy set to put on it. Since she was turning two, she really liked having the toy to play with afterward and it we just added it into the presen budget.



answers from Los Angeles on

For food...... we did hot dogs for my son and the kids loved them! I grilled about 20 minsbefore party and wrapped in foil sheets from costco, and piled them all in a heating pan. I got everything from costco for 20 bucks and made 60 hot dogs, foil, hotdogs buns and 3 pack of condiments.



answers from Tampa on

My daughters 3rd birthday was Strawberry Shortcake as well. We just rented a shelter at a park, then also rented a bouncy house- they had a Strawberry Shortcake one too! It was fun. Then we just decorated the shelter with the theme and my M. made a really cute cake shaped like Strawberrys face with the hat and we just let the kids play! The park had a grill, so we just grilled up some hamburgers and hotdogs to keep the cost down. And of course, we had some delicious fruit, including strawberries :) The total cost of everything was probably $250- the major cost being the bouncy house.


answers from Nashville on
B. themed birthday party with a REAL B.. We do all different styles of dance, professional B. performs, teaches, plays, dress-up and even party products included.....very entertaining! Check out our website for video, pictures, and all our info.


answers from Phoenix on

I just thought it would be cute to interact a book . You know how Strawberry Shortcake goes to all her friends house to gather supplies to make a pie for a party. Then all the friends say oh I will bring my blue berry this or lemon that..... So would it be cute to make a strawberry path of centers to do some activities that relate to the friend. Like stack the lemons on Lemon mer house. Make a blueberry and whip cream snack, then go to Huckleberry and plant something in a pot , maybe then go to Angel Cakes station and do something there.... One of the stations can be reading a book with some longe time. Just have the kids do what they want when they want and have a parent at each station. Sounds so sweet.

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