Need Opinions--wood Flooring or Carpet for a Small Kids Bedroom

Updated on March 02, 2011
M.C. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
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Hi Moms,

I'm remodeling my little boy's 10X11 bedroom and can't decide on the color or if I should go with carpet or wood floors? I'm doing a Mickey Mouse theme. The ceiling and trim is white, so I'm also debating on sky blue, aqua, or a neutral wall color. Any advice is appreciated.



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answers from Austin on

Wood floors! less allergies. You can always place a large rug in there, so you can vacuum them front and back. but carpets are very hard to keep clean as compared to wood floors.. Also the resale with wood floors is a ton higher than used carpets in homes.

Paint is cheap, paint it any color you want...

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I would never recommend putting carpet on a floor where a baby will be playing. Carpet picks up and holds all sorts of creeping nasties that no amount of vacuuming or shampooing can remove.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I prefer wood floors as you can always put down a throw rug ... I like wood floors because one, they are easy to keep clean, two... less allergies (even if your kids don't have them) rugs hold on to more dirt and dust and hence, in my opinion aren't the best option. Three, wood floors allow you more flexibility in the event you ever want to redesign your child's room (or they outgrow the design) In fact, my son has wood floors and in the middle of the room, there is a big Mickey Mouse shaped rug that someone gave us. Thankfully, it' s not wall to wall carpeting because he no longer likes Mickey Mouse. I would definitely go with the wood flooring... kids tastes change as do parents... good luck

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answers from Seattle on

I would suggest wood for the floor:

- stable area for building blocks, legos, contraptions
- doesn't get playdoh ground in
- is a lot easier to remove marker/ crayon/ paint/ ink and other artistic endevors from
- won't be sparkly from glitter from 3 years ago
- won't get gungy from ground in sweat and dirt
- easy to wipe up or sweep up crumbs and other illicit foods snuck up there
- is a good decorating "base" (& can throw down decorative rugs during different age groups)
- is louder for when they're sneaking out of bed at night/ playing in their room (only parents want *louder* rooms, I've noticed... to better keep an ear on their kids)
- wheels roll on it (hotwheels and other rolling toys)
- balls bounce on it

As far as paint.... if you're anything like me it gets redone every 3-5 years. I'd go with one of the "fun" blues. It can be made a more serious/neutral color when he gets older.

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answers from New York on

wood floors with an area rug

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answers from Washington DC on

wood floors with an area rug
or a couple smaller throw rugs type.

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answers from Minneapolis on

That's a hard question - carpet is soft and warm, but wood is easy to clean and works well to play trucks and blocks on. I now live in an apartment with wood floors and we have thick area rugs. I like it.

The house I lived in previously was mostly carpeted. It got SO dirty, we pulled most of it and put down laminate floors. They've been there 14 years now and still look great despite kids and pets. If you have any allergies in your family I'd go with wood.

I like blue for a kid's room!

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answers from Detroit on

I have 2 children and one has carpet and the other has wood. I think I like the wood better because with an area rug it is the best of both worlds. What I don't like is when I have to go in and clean the wood floor. I vacuum the rug weekly but every now and then I have to take everything I can lift out of the room and do a heavy cleaning on the wood. I sweep and then use a wood floor cleaner over it all. I would say that whatever you decide, keep it neutral. This way it is easy to change colors or themes. Micky Mouse will only take him so far. I do have to add that I am a demonstrator for Uppercase Living if there is anything you would like to add to the decorating. In case you are not familiar with the company, it is a fully removable vinyl that can be placed almost anywhere.Lots of fun to decorate with. is the website.
Let me know if I can help.


answers from Bloomington on

I am voting on carpet and aqua!



answers from Honolulu on

I did in home child care for sick or ill children before having kids. If you are actually doing real wood I would recommended it. So much easier to clean of vomit and diarrhea. If you are thinking laminate I would go with carpet as laminate does badly if it gets standing water ever.



answers from Honolulu on

Wood floors. Hands down.

MUCH easier cleaning and upkeep.
Don't put carpet in a kids room.
It will get, stained and who knows what else.

Also, depending how old your child is... as a child ages... the room WILL need to be redone.
And a nice wood floor, is more flexible that way.
It will grow with the child and not be all stained/speckled later. Via vomit/sickness/spills etc.

I would use a neutral wall color.
THEN, use accessories/area rugs/curtains/removable wall decals... to decorate it.
Do not use, 'permanent' character decor. Because later, it will be harder to change out and restyle his room.



answers from Cincinnati on

do you plan on moving? If so, I would paint neutral...if you dont plan on moving I would DEF do the sky blue. bathroom is that color and I LOVE the color..for the nuetral, we did the BEhr color Anitque white in our main walk ways..for the floor that is an opinion but think of how much time is your boy going to spend in there..if its alot of time, you want something cushiony on his feet and bottom. The only time we are in our daughters room is after her bath and spend only about 30 mins per we dont need carpeting (although we do have it) Its fun to lay on the floor and play with her vs laying on hardwood...
Good luck with your decision...I think any choice you make will be a good one...cant go wrong.



answers from San Antonio on

Wood floors. If I had it my way, we'd have wood floors in every room of our house. Carpet is impossible to get completely clean, but wood floors are not. Stains ruin carpet, but not wood floors. Wood floors will always match whatever decor you have. Wood floors can last a lifetime, but not carpet.

Wood floors do scratch, but if you take care of them it's not a big deal. My previous house had wood floors and the dog's nails made a few scratches. I used cleaners made for wood floors once a week, and a polishing cleaner once a month. Since most scratches are not deep they just disappered.

If you're worried about cold feet in the winter, escpecially in the morning, put down a rug beside the bed. I bought large bath rugs for beside the bed. They have that rubber backing so they don't slide around, are fluffy and very soft, and come in almost any color. Easy to clean too, just toss in the washer and then air dry.

As for the wall color, I'd go with something neutral and use wall hangings and pictures to spread the theme throughout the room. That's what we did for my son and it's super easy, and less expensive to change the theme when you don't have to paint again.



answers from Los Angeles on

Carpet, hardwood gets dusty and if you're not going to clean them at least eoe day, not a good idea. I'd go with a netral color that way you can easily change the decor. What does the bedding look like? Love decorating! Message me for ideas :)



answers from Chicago on

My son has wood-floors with a throw rug. My daughter carpet. They prefer to play in her room.


answers from Los Angeles on

I love having wood floors in my 2 year olds room. I do have an area rug by her bed though. It's so easy to clean. =)
If your doing a mickey mouse theme why not go with the disney theme paints? Or something similar?
I like "atta-boy blue" and "underwater wonders."
I think home depot sells the samples of them.



answers from Detroit on

home depot has some really cool ideas for mickey mouse and they also have decals for the walls i would do would floor with area rug and do sky blue ceiling and put stars on the ceiling. I would do maybe white walls with black and red trim black around the door and red around the windows and than do the mickey decals on the white walls would look sharp. check out the mickey book over by the mickey paints at home depot



answers from Detroit on

Personally I do not like wood floors in bedrooms period. Its not cozy at all. I'd only do wood if your family has lots of allergies. Pick a variegated color pattern if you're concerned about stains.

Neutral walls are very versatile, however, they can be boring too. Pick something that matches your accessories for the room, keep it lighter and brighter to maximize the appearance of the room's size. You can always repaint if you need to sell or he's outgrown the look.

Best wishes!



answers from Johnstown on

Wood floors are cold. They scratch something awful if the kids start to run things over them. Carpeting is easier to sweep up with the vacuum. And for stability issues for blocks--you can get a chair mat that goes under office chairs to use for that. My kids honestly prefer the carpeted areas of our home to play on.



answers from Lansing on


I would go with hardwood floors because they appeal to more people when you go to sell your house.

Also, carpeting off gasses formaldehyde for a really long time and it's not healthy for anyone to be breathing, but its especially bad for children because they take more breaths per minute than adults.

If your children have indoor or outdoor allergies, wood floors can be washed and the allergens removed. Carpets cannot be completely cleaned and still harbor things like dust mites even after a cleaning.

We have hardwood floors in most of our house and only one room that has carpeting. Our son loves to play on the hardwood floors and not on the carpeting. But, it may be a personal preference.

I would stay away from laminate flooring just because the lifespan is, on average, 10 years or so. If you want a floor to last for awhile, then I would recommend bamboo, cork, or a solid wood floor. However, if you like the idea of bamboo and cork flooring, it's worth the time to ask the flooring company how the plants are glued together into a plank. Some companies use a formaldehyde based glue and others do not.

Good luck making a decision! I'm sure the room will look beautiful once you are finished.

C. J.



answers from Detroit on

If he has allergies, I'd go with wood. Saw people say it's hard to keep the wood clean. I always used the swifter vac. Light, and easy. Kept pet dander, that would get stuck in carpet, away.

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