Need OBGYN in Uptown/Downtown Dallas Area.

Updated on January 03, 2011
T.K. asks from Dallas, TX
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Howdy! I'm looking for an OBGYN probably for Baylor Downtown Dallas (it's like a mile away!)

I'm 28, and this would be my first pregnancy. I think I'd prefer a woman. I don't have a general physician either, so I'm slightly lost. And has anyone had any experience with Women's Health Alliance?

Any suggestions and why you liked them, or questions I should ask them would be appreciated.


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DOCTOR MELISSA CROCHET. Anyone in her practice ( would be great, but Dr Crochet is amazing. The sort of doctor you don't dare to hope could actually exist.

We had a ridiculously hard labor and delivery, resulting in an unplanned c-section, with my first daughter so we when oops-surprised got pregnant with our second I was really nervous. I found Dr. Crochet (I used a midwife the first time) and never looked back.

Her practice tends toward basically whatever you'd like. She was open to a VBAC for us or even letting us do a planned c-section after we go into labor if we chose. If I remember correctly, she had her children naturally but is completely open to pain management, etc if that's your preference. She's very easy and knowledgeable and calm should any bumps may come up during your pregnancy.

We are 34 weeks along with Baby Two and the couple times I have gotten very nervous, alright scared, about having another bumpy delivery she's been right there to help me walk through everything.

This is a long answer, I know, but I can't say enough about how soothing and supportive the practice is. We're wanting to stop having children after this one but I know I will be staying with this practice as long as I can after our baby's born.

Yes, I tried Women's Health Alliance, by the way. Specifically, Dr. Robert Inzer. I found the experience too "doctor"-y. I felt like some instructions were handed down to me instead of discussed so ultimately I kept searching. I am really, really glad I did. Dr. Crochet is absolutely worth her weight in gold for our growing family.

Good luck!

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HOWDY neighbor!

I am 27 and just found out today from a home test that we are pregnant with our first. YAY! I called and made an appt at Womans health alliance with Dr. Brodsky. I have never been there before. I also live less than a mile from Baylor! I hear great things about all the Dr's there and also about Cater, Hays ( and I don't remember the others names). good luck!

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Someone already mentioned Dr. Crochet, but I've used Dr. Brothers who's a partner. She's great.

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Well, I'm not sure that my post is going to be of much help since I really don't know of any doctors in the Downtown area, but if you aren't opposed to driving to Plano, I have an wonderful doctor. My doctor is a man (Dr. Smrekar), but he is part of an association of doctors and several are female. (When I say association, I don't mean that you see whoever is in the office at the time, just that they all are in the same building.) It is called North Texas OB/Gyn phone number ###-###-####.

Otherwise, maybe you could call Baylor Downtown and ask them which OB/GYN's have privileges there.

Good luck.

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I use Dr. Romberg with WHA and love her. I've been seeing her since 2006 and just had my 2nd daughter with her as my dr. She has an office at Baylor and in Mesquite.

Dr. Romberg and Dr. Brodsky are partners at WHA. Dr. Brodsky actually ended up delivering my first daughter b/c he was on call when I went into labor and Dr. Romberg was on call that next morning. I just had my 2nd daughter 2 1/2 weeks ago and Dr. Romberg was able to deliver her. I've had no complaints with either dr. and would highly recommend both.

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