Need Ob/Gyn with Extended Hours and Willing to Take on High Risk/concern Patient

Updated on June 16, 2008
D.N. asks from Rockwood, MI
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I am 36, will be 37 this september. We will be starting to try again soon. I've had one stillbirth at 9 months (3 days after the due date) for no known reason. My second son is 2 1/2 born by c-section because of decelerations during induced labor at 37 weeks.

I live in the Downriver area, closest to Oakwood Southshore

I loved my ob/gyn with my second son, but it is now WAAAAAAY too far to drive to Southfield for appointments and WAAAAAY to risky to try to deliver at Beaumont in Royal Oak. Based on my history, I'm at least high concern and when adding in my age, I may be high risk. I'd like a ob/gyn who has extended hours or Saturday hours and isn't afraid of a challenge (a mom who is well educated on the subject, has her own fetal heart rate monitor and isn't afraid to ask questions and insist upon a few things). A good sense of humor is nice too (cause s/he is going to need it).

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answers from Detroit on

D. -

I do live downriver and I have used Dr. Louis Andairy on Allen and King. ###-###-####. I had both my children at Oakwood Dearborn which has a wonderful Neo-natal unit.

MY first was born just shy of 4lbs six weeks early with an emergency c-section. No explaination or reason no clues they call it "failure to progress". My son is now perfectly happy and healthy 12 year old and I am so grateful to have had such a great doctor who not only helped me through my first pregnacy but had some concerns and raised some flags which helped deliver the baby early.

Obviously my second pregnacy was a huge concern because there was no reason why the first one was so difficult. He watch me very carefully and I can say my second pregnacy was perfectly normal from start to finish. I know he was careful not to worry me but was very attentive.

I still go see him annually and he is just the kindest man ever.

Good luck it is a hard choice / decision.



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I personally love my OB/Gyn and he does ultrasounds all the way through the preganancy. I am not sure about the Saturday hours but I know he atleast 2 days he is in the office late and he is very patient with questions &/or concerns. He has delivered both my children and my niece.
Dr Jerry Butto @ Downriver Insitute for Women's Health ###-###-####. He is located in the Southshore Medical Bldg. attached to Southshore Hospital.



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D. ~
Are you in the Downriver area? Dr.'s Goyert, Al-Jerdi, Johnson and Wolf are in Trenton. Their number is ###-###-####. Dr. Goyert is a perinatologist, a doctor that specializes in high-risk pregnancies. They often have very late evening hours - I've heard of patients being there at 10 or 11pm. They deliver out of Henry Ford Wyandotte Hosptial. At HFWH we don't have a NICU, but we do have a Special Care Nursery where we can keep babies that need a little help (oxygen or IV), and we can stabilize critically ill babies for transfer if needed. We have a pediatrician on-call 24/7, and this is his only job. I really like all of the doctors in this group (from a nurse's standpoint, we often have a different view of doctors than patients have). I sent my own step-daughter to them.
Good Luck!



answers from Detroit on

I saw Dr. Brian Mason, several years ago and he delivered both my kids, now 10 and 12. He absolutely wants on water!!! He is a perinatal specialist who specilizes in high-risk pregnancy. I have liver disease that neccessitated a transplant last year. He is the one who picked up the flare-up on a routine follow-up visit after my kids were born. It was this that eventually led to a transplant after years of my GI doctors trying to treat my very rare and evasive disease with medication. What is most awesome about him is he is honest and a joy to partner with. He was not scared or evasive as many doctors are when treating such a high-risk patient as myself. Even with his high-risk practice, at the time I saw him he a a lower c-section rate than Beaumont. He also was the mid-wife liason at Hutzel so he managed to make my hospital birth seem like I was having my baby at home. It was truly amazing even with a couple tense moments he was calm and kept me calm. All the nuses adore him, and I have run into many formwer patients of his over the years who share my view. He is also now the head of the cord blood institute at St John. The only reason I do not see him anymore is his contract with St. John only allow him to see pregnant women or those seeking to become pregnant. My husband is a physician, and he would say the same things about him. It is a bit of a trek for you, but I do believe he is worth it. If you see him, do tell him A. Serra referred you and that we are all fine after transplant.

My prayers and good wishes are with you. I am very fortunate to have two heathy, beautiful children who are driving me nuts as we enter the scary "tweens." I am certian that this would not be the case wothout Dr. MAsons good cousel from beginning to end.

St John OB/GYN Professional
22151 Moross Road - Professional Building I, Maternal/Fetal Medicine - Suite 320 B
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

Map St John OB/GYN Professional
22201 Moross - Professional Building 2, Suite 370
Detroit, MI 48236

Map Riverview Medical Offices OB/GYN Annex
7815 East Jefferson, Suite 3C
Detroit, MI 48214



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If you live anywhere near Trenton (Downriver), Dr. Finazzo is the greatest!!! One of his nurses, Denise, was my doula as well, and I had the best OB-delivered birth you could imagine, they totally respected my wish for as little intervention as possible. I have mentioned his name in social groups and anywhere I do, someone always has a great story about him and his office. I don't know about extended hours, though, and sometimes there *is* a wait at the office on especially busy days, but I usually just asked what the busiest days were and tried to book on off days.

Oh, and he was great with this 4-time mom who all of a sudden got all crunchy and started questioning everything (have some online midwife friends) that the medical establishment does! He was, of course, an OB, didn't change his medical stance, but was not condescending at all.

I had my youngest LO at Southshore, it was great as well. I have heard different stories both ways about that hospital, but for us, it was perfect. They respected my wish not to have an IV, just a hep-lock, to move around when I wanted, NOT to have pitocin until after delivery, no pain meds, to have the baby in bed with me, no hepatitus B vaccine, well that's all I can think of for now. Anyway, it was a very positive experience, the best of 4.

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