Need Night-light Suggestions for 4 Year Old Afraid of the Dark

Updated on January 11, 2012
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
14 answers

My 4 year old has always been ok with just her night light, but she's been having bad dreams lately and has recently also been night potty training herself, so she wants more light. We've been giving her a flashlight, but I'm looking for a longer term solution. She has a night ligh that plugs into the wall on the other side of her room (the only available plug) and it's one of those led lights. We leave her door cracked until we go to bed.

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answers from Los Angeles on

White Christmas lights, I did them for my daughter and am now doing them for my little guy who's almost 3.

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answers from Redding on

Do you have some left over Christmas lights?
My kids loved (and still do) having plain christmas lights in their room.
It gives a soft glow that's easy to plug and unplug.
We actually use them in the bathroom around the mirror so that if you have to get up in the night, you don't have to turn on the big light.
Much more relaxing but plenty of light to see.

Drape some Christmas lights or use roap lights along the floor.
They work really well as night lights.

Best wishes.

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answers from Eugene on

Those led string of lights that are sold at Christmas are also available during the rest of the year. Put the 16 foot string up around her door and she will have a nice soft light to find her way around the room and it isn't so bright as to keep her awake.

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answers from Honolulu on

Yep the Turtle light is great.
Or a Moon light.

Both of these turn off by itself.

There are also battery lights... that when you push it, it turns on.
But you can find it at any home improvement center or drugstore.

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answers from Chicago on

My mom just got my kids one of those turtle nightlights that projects stars onto the ceiling. My sons LOVE them and sleep with them. It does time off after 1 hr, but he can easily turn it back on again if he wakes and wants it.

There are many different ones out there, but here is an example:

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answers from Detroit on

We got our daughter this light-up "aquarium" that sits on her bureau and lights up her room pretty well. It's from Discovery Kids.

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answers from Detroit on

We use a string of white Christmas lights in my 3-year-old's room too! I got a plug switch like this: so he can turn them on and off by himself without unplugging/plugging back in. I think I got mine at Walmart or Target.

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answers from Lansing on

I saw those little lights that are turtles and other animals everyone is talking about at Target when I was there the other day. I know everystore is different, but try checking around local maybe babys r us! Good Luck. I am planning on buying for for ym daughters 3rd birthday coming up! Oh and I do use the leftover Christmas lights in their room too!

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answers from Denver on

Two words, ROPE LIGHT, you can run it down hallways either on the ceiling or floor also under her bed think ground FX. Cool stuff. Go to lowes :). BTW my hubby is an electrician we have this stuff all over our house cuz it is the absolute best ambient light there is!

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answers from Missoula on

The Twilight Turtle is a huge hit with my four year-old. It projects a starry sky onto the ceiling and it's just enough light without being too much. I even have one for my own room, so I speak from experience-I'm scared of the dark too :)

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answers from Lincoln on

My son also has a turtle light and won't go to bed w/out it. He loves it and it relieves his fears. It gives light, but not a huge stimulating amount. I can even tolerate it when he's in my bed. (On Friday nights we have a "sleep over") :-)

Like another Mama said, what I love is that it has different light settings and it turns off after a while, so the batteries aren't wasted from being on all night. It's great!!!!

Good luck!

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answers from Provo on

The nice thing about a flashlight is that it's not on all night - having night lights and such that are on all night makes it harder for the body to produce melatonin. Anyway...I like the flashlight idea! :)


answers from Santa Fe on

My son has a tall standing paper light from Ikea (with small night light bulbs in it). It gives a soft glow. My daughter has a string of xmas lights with those little colored paper lanterns on them hanging in her room. Both these things make the room glow with a soft light and look cool!



answers from Dallas on

My daughter has one of these. It changes colors or you can set it to one color. You can take it off the plug at night so they can place it anywhere in the room. It's even safe enough to be on the bed if she wants it to be.

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