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Updated on July 17, 2008
J.M. asks from Hinsdale, IL
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Our windows are from 1967. They work well. But, the sills are starting to get weathered. And with the cost of gas. We are thinking of getting new ones.

We had someone come out today to measure for new windows (not replacements). They basically remove the entire window down to the studs. They also replace the inside moldings. I am just wondering if this is going to be a total mess. Has anyone had this done before? What is the process and clean up like?

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A few years back we used Woodland Windows and Doors in Roselle, and they did an excellent job. We replaced all our windows. They cleaned up so well we hardly knew they were there. I would highly recommend them. A friend used Feldco a year ago and they are still having issues with windows not working properly, plus they damaged a living room wall and didn't tell them they would have to replace the trim until the job was done. Their customer service is horrible, and my friend is still trying to get the repair work done and they keep putting it off. Just be careful who you are using, and get references for work they have done in your area.



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We recently had 14 windows replaced in our living room and the mess was fairly minimal. The old windows came out and the new windows went in within a few hours. Then came insulation and framing. The exterior and interior framing took the longest as there was a lot of wood to measure and fit and then we had the whole thing stained. The contractor cleaned up everything so that I only had to run a damp towel over the sills and floor and the area was clean enough for my kids to walk around in that very night.

good windows are v. expensive, but you should never have to buy them again. We bought pella's architect series which have a lifetime warranty and are more expensive than their more moderately priced line. We also got casements (which crank open) not double hung and the pricier more transparent screens. It all really adds up, but overall I think it's a smart investment to not go cheap, cheap. Good luck.



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We used Novy's windows (based in Naperville and Brookfield) and they took out the old wooden windows and replaced them with vinyl ones.

None of the inside molding was damaged although I can't tell you if any of it was actually removed during installation as I didn't hang out in the room they worked on.

We simply moved furniture away from the window areas and the only room that was truly dirty after working was the kitchen where we had a casement window replaced with a garden window and they had to change the opening a bit and saw wood for some some extra space in the opening.

They did a great job of working quickly (18 windows in 2 1/2 days) and cleaning up without any issues. I highly recommend them and they also replaced a door for us without any issues. Their measurements are perfect and all fits well the first time.

Good luck! It's great to have nice, new windows!



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We had new windows put in at our old house and new house. It is a mess, but if they are a reputable company, they should clean up after. Thankfully we were not living at our new house when they did the replacements, so it didn't disturb our day to day lives. They are expensive though!!



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When we had our windows replaced by Republic the mess was very minimal & the installation was suprisingly quick.



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You are getting vinyl inserts.
Make sure they are properly insulated. Do not skimp on quality. If you buy really cheap that is what you will get. When my husband does window replacements he usually used Pella Windows. They are not the cheapest or the most expensive but they are what he suggests his customers use in all his remodel or rehab projects. You also do not need to get a window specialist to do your window replacements. Most carpenters can do window replacements. It is sometimes less expensive to go that route.
Make sure to get the inserts with the security latches. It allows you to have the window open a crack and is locked in that position and can not be open any further by a burglar or a child until you release the latches.
Make sure the both the bottom and the top sections of the windows tip in for easy cleaning.
YOu will love your vinyl inserts. When my husband built the house we live in now I insisted on vinyl windows because I loved the ones he put in the house he rehabbed next door.
Lastly the contracting company you choose should be responsible for all clean up and removal of the trash and old windows.
Make sure to get a liability certificate before letting them start work. Find out who is going to do the work at your house. Many times window and siding companies sub out the work to sub contractors. If they are, make sure that the sub contractor has liability insurance also. Better safe than sorry. Just a thought

Good Luck,

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