Need New Washer and Dryer!! - Liberty Hill,TX

Updated on August 31, 2008
F.S. asks from Liberty Hill, TX
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I am looking for a new washer and dryer set. Just when I find one that is in my price range I look on line and there are all kinds of good responses and then there are the horrible ones. I have found one I like and it is the right price it is the GE Adora washer and dryer. Can you give me any hints if you have one of these.

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So What Happened?

WE ended up getting a fridgadire. I love them and it is so nice to be able to get all the laundry done in one day or evening. Thanks for all you advice.

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I have a friend who owns a repair washer and dryer business and he rcomends Whirl pool or bosh. I have had GE and a Roper
in the last 10 years and now own a whirl pool. I hope this helps. I know the feeling, we where looking for one that last longer than two or three years.

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I don't understand the "last 2 or 3 years" thing. I have a super load GE washer and dryer right now and absolutely love them. It is super quiet too. I don't hear it running.

I had a GE before this set that lasted over 8 years with no problems. And, I really use my machines. I have three kids who are bedwetters and we do A LOT of laundry.

Good luck. It's never fun looking to replace appliances on a budget.



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I hate GE everything! It always falls apart! I recently bought a Roper set from Lowes, and they're doing a wonderful job. They may be cheap (about $650 for the pair), but they do a fantastic job with my clothes, and I'm very happy. I've had the washer for about 5 or 6 months, and the dryer about 1 month.



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It's not an Adora......but it is brand new, full sized, and since it is a washer/dryer's about 1/2 the cost of an, since it is a vertically stacked unit,
the footprint is very small.......freeing up lots of room in the laundry area...already has all chords and hoses.....nothing else to buy......make offer !



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Sorry, I did not read your full request before I responded, however I wanted to let you know that even though we have never owned the GE Adora, we have owned a GE Washer. We just purchased our 3rd washer in ten years and the first two were GE, so as you have probably guessed we are not big fans of the GE washers. Now we have had the same dryer for the ten years and have not had a bit of trouble with it. We just purchased a Boshe 300 front loader. We picked it because my husband did an enourmous amount of research on washers ( he is an engineer, so go figure) but anyway with what he found out thru his research and what consumer reports suggest, the Boshe 300, and 500 were the top picks. We bought it at Sears in Sugar Land for $799. and we opened a sears card and got 10% off. You also get your delivery fee of $65.00 as a rebate. The next best machine, which is the sister to the Boshe 500 is the Frigidare brand and I think it was on sale for $599. We did not purchase the dryer as ours is still working just fine, but reviews were excellent on that as well and we do plan on purchasing one in the future. Also, most places will give a bigger discount if you buy the set so you might look for those offers as well. I know that Best buy and Circuit City does that. Good luck.



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I got maytags as wedding gifts in 1979 -- they're still going! One repair, probably from washing too many comforters, but that was years ago.

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