Need New Top Loading Washer--Recommendations?

Updated on February 11, 2008
B.B. asks from Arlington, TX
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My Kenmore washer has quit, after less than two years. It's not worth the cost to repair it. I need a new top loading washer with a second rinse cycle. What do you recommend? Are there any you would steer clear of?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice! We ended up going with a Whirlpool that was on sale...and I'm happy with our decision. I didn't get the deep tub, either...thanks! Now I have tons of laundry to do. It's amazing how fast it piles up when you don't have a washer!! :)

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answers from Dallas on

If you are looking for a super capacity, stay away from the deep tubs and go for the fatter-tubbed ones. Mine (it's deep) gets off balance easily and just recently caused a flood in my house (put on clothes to wash before bed and 8 hours later was walking through water) because it shook a water line loose. The repair man said that the deeper tubs seemed to do that more. That's just what happened to me.... Good luck with finding a good onw!



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Honestly I wish I'd bought another whirlpool top loader. I thought I was being more efficient/green to go with the front loaders... way too much $$ and don't clean as well.
Honestly if you go to and choose a few... you can COMPARE their features online.



answers from Tyler on

I have had a Fisher-Paykel top loading machine for a little over a year now & I LOVE it. These machines have a stronger motor than other brands, and get clothes drier during the spin cycle. This, in turn, doesn't wear out your dryer & saves a lot on electricity. This brand can be purchased at Lowe's.



answers from Austin on

I have a Maytag and we love it. It has only had 1 minor problem in 8 years.



answers from Dallas on

Boy that's bad. Did you contact sears to make sure you don't have any kind of a guarantee or warranty on your washer? Less than 2 years seems way to soon to quit if you ask me.

I don't know anything about new washers nowadays. We have a 13 or 14 year old Admiral washer and dryer which was the old Montgomery Ward store brand. They were made my Maytag though and have been very reliable (knock on wood) since we bought them new. I guess if I bought a new one, it would probably be a Maytag since we've had such good luck with the ones we have now. Dishwashers are a different story, but that's for another post on another day. Good luck! :-)

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