Need Natural Asthma Remedies for 4 Yr Old

Updated on May 04, 2010
B.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Does anyone have any suggestions to help my 4 yr old with allergies and asthma? I am trying to find natural remedies...but if there is "magic" allergy med your kid has found, or some diet that eases asthma, let me know! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for what I've heard so far! I have been using his meds as needed, and of course would run any natural remedies by his ped., just wondering if anyone's had any luck! Trying to avoid steroids if possible, and make sure I'm not jumping the gun and nebbing him for a minor cough or cold...thanks ladies! (still interested in answers if you have ideas!)

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answers from Dubuque on

Asthma is on the rise in children. One out of 13 school age children now have asthma. There are many things you can do. I have a video on my blog that talks about some of the causes and solutions -

Hope that helps.
L. L

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answers from Indianapolis on

With something as serious as asthma, I wouldn't trust any natural remedy that hasn't gone through rigorous clinical trials to prove effectiveness (efficacy) and safety. That's the benefit of Rx medications - not only are the clinical trials in place to show they work how they're supposed to (in the majority of people) but the FDA also requires safety monitoring from the day it hits the market. Pharmaceutical companies are legally obligated to report ANY adverse event (side effect) that they are made aware of - minor and critical.

I used to have a physician customer who'd been diagnosed with asthma and dealt with it for years until it was properly diagnosed as food allergies. His "asthma" was an allergic reaction to gluten amongst other foods. He basically went on a high protein/vegetable diet to help control it.

It may be worth asking to see, but I'd not give my children any natural remedy without first verifying its safety and effectiveness with my pediatrician.

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answers from Honolulu on

Asthma is a serious condition, and can be fatal.

What works for one person may not for another.
THUS, each person has to have their own prescribed meds.
I have asthma. Since childhood. Even now currently, there is no one thing that will "cure" it. It is an ongoing condition.

You NEED to know, that in the midst of an asthma attack... or episode, you NEED to use your son's meds or inhalers. Asthma is like suffocating... and if he does not get enough oxygen into his bloodstream it can also strain the heart... and that is how some people die from it. On your own, there is NO way you can monitor his vitals. In this situation, it is critical to use his meds. It has to open up his constricted airways. Immediately.

On a daily basis as well, the inhalers serves as a therapeutic help, for the lungs. It is ongoing. It is "maintenance" for the lungs. And important. It helps to improve the integrity of the lungs and its functioning.

There are many different kinds of inhalers. Fast acting/'rescue' inhalers and daily maintenance inhalers. Often 2 are prescribed for this reason. Working in tandem with each other. Then there are steroidal inhalers... which in a bad asthma episode in VITAL in taking, to reduce lung inflammation and improve breathing levels and oxygen intake.

You cannot just use "natural" remedies willly nilly. It can be dangerous.

Sure, keep the home dust free, use air purifiers etc., and non-toxic household products. But these are not "cures" but rather, reducing the irritants that can make it worse.

Also what can exacerbate asthma is cold weather or stress. For me personally, my asthma gets worse whenever I am sick with even a cold. Therefore, I AVOID sick people as much as possible. Sulphites also makes my asthma worse and preservatives... not all, just some. But that is for MY condition and body. It may not be for your son.

Each case, is different. Therefore, you cannot just do and use what other people do and use.

Also, "deep breathing" exercises can help to strengthen the lungs and its functioning. But it won't "cure" or stop asthma. But it helps. You can look it up online to learn how.

The point is: you NEED to use meds for Asthma. It can be fatal. If you do not give it to him, it can make him worse. Especially if he is in an active asthmatic attack or episode. And it can take time for that episode to diminish.

If you want to know about nutrition for him per asthma/ his allergies, then get referred to a Pediatric Nutritionist per HIS condition. Specifically.

But even with vigilance about it, Asthma is still there and can act up at any time. And you need to monitor it and him.

all the best,

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answers from Portland on

Hi B.,

I didn't read the other responses but I had asthma very badly as a child. I spent nearly every other weekend in an oxygen tent in the hospital. I have "grown out" of my asthma now and haven't had an attack in many, many years.

This is pretty 'natural' but my mom suddenly stopped giving me the asthma medication when I was 6 or 7 (for her own reasons) and started 2 things. 1. I spent a majority of my sick time in the bathroom with the shower blasting out steam which loosened the phlegm. 2. My neighbor was a message therapist and would treat me during particularly bad time with various forms of massage. The combination of these 2 things was amazing! And I was never again at the point of needed to be hospitalized again.

Good luck B.!

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answers from Sioux Falls on

Treating chiropractically helps alot with children with asthma and allergies. We see them all the time, and my daughter was one of them!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

There is a technique, I think it is spelled Butkeyo, that teaches breathing that can relieve asthma. Jerome Bettis swore by it, although I have not tried it myself.

I am an asthmatic, and honestly have found that there are no real natural remedies. The bed med I have found are my inhalers - they are truly a godsend!



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answers from Jacksonville on

garlic tea, thyme tea (but limit intake-can be toxic)



answers from Atlanta on

Hi B.,

Yes Asthma is very serious but it also can be kept at bay very simply if you build your little one's immune system. I would never suggest not having emergency meds on hand but I also know that meds can do damage as well. I have a friend in Nevada that has three of four children with diagnosed Asthma and they have been symptom free for years. She took my advice and my suggestions to her were the following:

Detox your home. Synthetic chemicals are not only respiratory irritants but have a neurological impact as well. They will break down an immune system faster than almost anything else.

Get your child on an absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex. The better his nutrition, the more fuel his body has to work at it's optimum level. Avoid fast foods and processed foods, completely if possible.

Chiropractic care from a principled upper cervical Chiropractor will his immune system as well. It is always best for the body to fight off the problem. Giving the body the tools it needs is the best help you can give.

If you don't have a chiropractor go to and find one in your area. Ask if they know how chiropractic helps the immune system. If they don't move on to the next one...I can explain the process of detoxing as well if you're interested. It can be simple and inexpensive too. I can also explain how you can tell the difference between a good vitamin, a mediocre one and a bad one. My allergies have been gone for years. Let me know if you'd like details. I'll be glad to help.





answers from Anchorage on

Have you contacted a naturopath? Using recommendations from one under the guidance of your regular doctor may help ease the need for meds.


answers from Dallas on

Hi B.,
Shaklee has great children's chewable supplements as well as nontoxic laundry and cleaning products that can help tremendously. They are the number one seller of natural supplements. They also had environmentally friendly products decades before anyone else knew it was important. Their product are used by olympians, Oprah, The White House, NASA, The Costeau Society and others.
If you are interested, let me know.
Good luck and God Bless.

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