Need a Tutor for High School Chemistry

Updated on January 23, 2010
R.F. asks from Richardson, TX
6 answers

Does anyone have a lead on a tutor for high school Chemistry? We live in Richardson, my son attends a private school in Plano. If we could find someone some what close that would be great.

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So What Happened?

I had already contact my son's current counselor as well as the counselor from his previous school to no avail. I finally found a tutor through "word-of-mouth" from contacts outside this message board forum. Let me just say: finding a Chemistry tutor for high school is NOT easy.

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I substitute teach in Plano ISD and I know that a lot of teachers tutor on the side for extra money. You might start by asking the guidance counselor for any leads.




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Call Bridgbuilder Academy at ###-###-####. They provide teachers for anything from tutoring to full-credit classes - at your location or theirs. I have had years of experience with many of their teachers. Many of them have worked with my son. They are located near Central Expressway and Park in Plano.



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There is Tutoring 101 in East Allen. We've used them before and were pleased with the results.

The # is ###-###-####

It is located off McDermott & Greenville, to the left of the Eagles Wings Athletic Center (Old Winn Dixie). It's tucked back into that corner area. I cannot think of the shopping complex name but it's not hard to find and depending on where you are in Plano, it shouldn't take you long to get there.



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I tutor chemistry but in Arizona, I do it for an agency, I highly recommend this agency. You enter in your zip code and a list of tutors will appear. This link should give you $20 credit



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I teach Chemistry at RHS & live in Plano...What days are you interested in?
And by the way...I think Chemistry ROCKS! If its presented in a fun way & related to everyday, it helps!
cell ###-###-####



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I found when my daughter was in high school one of the best places to look was the school. A lot of the students tutor in subjects they excel in. It is also a little easier to relate to a student at your school than a stranger in a lot of cases. Her teacher should be able to recommend someone.

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