Need More Ideas for "On the Go" Healthier Snacks...

Updated on September 29, 2009
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Hi Moms,

Can you give me some suggestions for "on the go" healthy snacks? One's that are yummy and healthy.. I know the basics but need more ideas (PS he doesn't like dipping things and is not a fan of condiments of any kind)...
Thank you!

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answers from Orlando on

You can add nuts, fruits and smoothies. The smoothies you can provide are alkaline based, which balances the acids in the body. They are tasty, kids love them and can last up to 2 days. Go to for more details

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answers from Miami on

frozen organic vegetables put in a gladware container- whole foods 365 brand frozen broccoli and green beans are the best!
defrost a little in the microwave before leaving the house, put in a gladware and you're good to go...

frozen Amy's brand 'squares'- my kids love the bean & cheese squares and also the feta spinach squares
I microwave them just a few seconds to defrost them then put them in the toaster oven (right on the wire rack) on the lowest setting and actually toast them for a moment to get them 'firmer'

also: Health is Wealth brand Spinach Munchies- these are also little squares and I heat them the same way

also: mini pierogies and also raviolis- when buying raviolis I check & buy the brand w/ the highest% calcium. you can also 'experiment' and try all kinds of raviolis & tortellini - check costco and whole foods, even publix has whole wheat ones in the refrigerated section

I like to use reusable containers like gladware or rubbermaid and for more 'dry' things (even the 'squares!') I love using these:

I use these instead of wasting zip-lock baggies!

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answers from Port St. Lucie on

Hi Kristy-we have the same few I always have in my car and they have made my son happy for years now:

Whole grain Goldfish (also Annie's Cheddar bunnies and whole wheat bunnies)
Puffs (organic puffed whole grain corn cereal-plain as a rice cake buthe loves them :)
Fruit leather -Target's brand Archer Farms is organic and cheap and comes in tons of yummy flavors (called fruit strips maybe? 10 in a box for under $3)
CLIF Bars make a kids' snack bar that is yummy and healthy (a recent discovery of ours)-think they're called
I also give my son the Kashi granola bars (chewy kind as well as the fruit filled (sort of like Nutrigrain bars but healthier)

Hope this helps!

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answers from Jacksonville on

My 2 year old little guy loves hot snacks. Farm Rich makes a line of microwavable items like Mozzarella Bites, Quesadillas and mini sandwiches. They aren't fried and I like the taste of them too. They are all hand-held and can be eaten on the go. I can find them at Publix and Walmart.



answers from Tampa on

Do you have a dehidrater (sp). If not, it is a good investment - especially for creating health on the go snacks. Most dehidrated fruits you buy at the store contain all sorts of sugars and bad things. If you do it yourself you can use stuff like honey to sweeten fruits. You can also dehidrate veji's. A tiny bit of salt or flavoring on some kind and you have veji chips. You can also make jerky too. My kids love all of the above.



answers from Tallahassee on

Hey Kristy!
We are close in age and same with our sons, mine is Braden!! What we have for snacks on the go are: any organic dried cereal, apple slice, grapes, strawberries, raisins, kashi bars, fruit bars, veggie and pirate booty, veggie sticks, stick cheese, bananas. When I have time, I will make him snacks, but that is becoming a rare moment!



answers from Jacksonville on

Kashi is a great line of foods/snacks. Not only are they healthy, contain whole grains and fiber (which is lacking in almost every processed food out there), but they taste really GOOD.

My kids used to snack on the little Gerber kids cereal bars when they were younger. Now, we eat the Kashi ones. I LOVE them! So does my son. If one is too much for your little guy, cut it in half, and store the uneaten portion in a snack size ziploc bag.

Also, Tuberz yogurt tubes are pretty good. You can actually freeze yogurt tubes. Just before you leave the house grab one, and by the time your kid is ready for a snack, they are ready to eat/drink(?).

You can get apple chips or plaintain chips also.

And the Z-bars are pretty good, too. They have protein in them, and all kinds of good vitamins and not preservatives. My son likes the brownie ones and the choc chip ones.



answers from Boca Raton on

My kids love nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds), raisins, bagel chips, cheese sticks, whole wheat crackers, apple slices (no dipping sauce), strawberries, grapes, CHEERIOS, Gerber freeze dried fruit mixes (for little babies, but they love it), fruit leather keeps them busy.

Be careful with choke hazard foods like grapes while riding in the car.

Drive-thru snacks = McDonalds yogurt parfait, plain sunday, apple dippers (no sauce), milk, juice. Burger King = apple fries (again, no sauce), milk, chocolate milk, Veggie broiler. Tacobell = plain nacho chips.



answers from Tampa on

kraft foods-childrens snacks, family fun - healthy snacks. Look at both of these places online. There are a lot of great fun recipes.



answers from Tallahassee on

O's, raisins and nuts, apples, grapes, pears, TLC crackers, blueberries, strawberries, banana, fig bars (fig newman's or natural ones from health food store, Larabars (cashew cookie flavor is the best), granola bars, fruit leather ( a bit sugary, so don't overdo it), hard boiled egg, string cheese

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