Need Minivan Interior Cleaned

Updated on April 08, 2009
S.P. asks from Garland, TX
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Our familoy car died and we're purchasing a used minivan to be our new family vehicle. Our purchase is through the previous owner and while the minivan has been vacuumed out, I prefer to get it cleaned as a 'fresh start' for my own family. I mean having the upholstery and carpet cleaned-something I'm not sure how to do myself and don't have the energy for anyway. I'm hoping to learn of somewhere in the Garland/Mesquite area or even Rowlett if necessary. Any moms out there have any suggestions??

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So What Happened?

Thank you moms for your replies! I really just didn't know where to go and this allowed me more than one choice to consider. I chose CarSpa. I was willing to spend more than I'd ordinarily consider this time becuase we saved $6,000. on our mini-van by returning a Carmax choice for refund and then purchasing used directly from an owner. The new to us minivan is twice as comfortable with more perks and the only issue for me was that it felt used inside. I wasn't sure how it all worked so I thought I'd share that info with ya'll incase anyone else would like to know. First up, you drive up through the wash entrance. An attendant greets you there and readies your vehicle (removing attenaae-folding down rearview mirrors, taping down back windshiel wiper etc.) Then you are asked what type of wash you'd like and you choose-they do have a laminated flyer to show you what your choices are. I knew I wanted more than just a car wash and said so 'cause the attendant was in a rush and began to put the flyer away before I was able to pick anything other than a wash. I told him to please hand it back because I wanted more...I picked a combination of 3 under their choice of detailing. The attendant then went to check if there were any special deals going on (unrequested by me which I thought was kewl but maybe that's a gimmick they do to everyone. It seemed sincere.) He returned and said there wasn't BUT I was not charged for the car wash and I was not charged for having an extra large vehicle which according to their flyers would be an extra charge of $5. or more. I was quoted an hour and a half for the time it'd take. I was prepared to settle in and wait and this suited me just fine. Knowing what all I wanted done, and my high expectations, I was rather skeptical that they could pull it off in just that amount of time but then they ARE professionals at this. I walked to a nearby shopping center (I learned Asian Supermarkets are interesting) and then played with my NintendoDS on the only game I have for longer than I've done since I first got it. It was a simple distraction but at least I wasn't twiddling my thumbs the whole time. The same attendant came and requested extra time and I had no problem with that. I was just happy that I didn't have to do it myself for once! I was also asked what scent I'd prefer for the interior. I chose cherry. It took a little less than 2 hours. I was only charged the $80. and my mini-van felt new-not just new to us but really NEW. It looked great and felt great inside and was handled with the utmost care and I was treated with respect. I looked up from time to time and at one point saw 5 attendants working on it as there were no other customers at the time. (I was there about an hour after they first opened in an attempt to avoid lunch rushes.) I've gotten nothing but compliments on our minivan since. There were a few stains they couldn't get out but then they did better than I could do and in a much shorter amount of time. In my mind for this service I was willing to pay $100 up to a $150. but I'm glas I kept my mouth closed and just picked from services offered and let the attendant ring it up. Let me tell you ladies that I HIGHLY recommend CarSpa now! I did manage to mention it was my first visit there and that this was only the first week I'd had the minivan (as such comments can't hurt for getting you some sort of special deal or recognition. Can we say bargain hunter?) Anyway, thank you to those who recommened this place!!

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Ultimate Detail does an AMAZING job and they come to you. The number is ###-###-####. Good luck!!



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We have used the full service cleaner on Highway 66 between Dalrock and Rowlett Road- we had the full detail job done, and they did an excellent job.



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Car Spa is at Shiloh & Buckingham in Garland. They do detailing starting at $39.99 or have different combos to choose from for a little more. They do a good job.


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I am in the Plano area and Car Spa located at Park/Preston area does a GREAT job on total car care.

Another Good place is Trademark in Allen. They also do quality work. They are located off McDermott and Watters Creek

Good luck



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My company, Cornerstone Chem-Dry does auto/van cleaning and can do it at your home or work (just need electricity). Our website is and our number is ###-###-####. You can also email us at would love to help you out!

E. Herman
Cornerstone Chem-Dry
Serving Dallas, Denton, Rockwall, Collin and Tarrant counties



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Royal Car Wash on Town East Blvd. is reasonable and they do a great job. When I get mine doen it is between $20 and $40 depending on the options I choose. I had to get my daughters car cleaned - it was TRASHED and it was $80. They usually have coupons in some of the clipper magazines or ADVO packs that come in the mail.

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