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Updated on May 05, 2009
T.P. asks from Round Rock, TX
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Our roof was damaged in the hail storms and I need a reputable LOCAL roofer. A lot of these guys are kind of like storm chasers, following big storms that caused a lot of damage. If you have a problem a year later, you may not be able to find them.

Were the workers courteous? Did they respect your property? Was the final price the same as quoted? Were there a lot of little fees or taxes? Do the final job look good? (some of my neighbors new roofs have 'fluffy' shingles or triple layers of shingles at the roof top - not good).

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So What Happened?

Wow! What a journey this has been! After calling 8 roofers, only 6 showed up to measure, and only 4 gave me a quote in writing. I ended up hiring Eagle USA Roofing because they gave the most professional estimate and didn't try to lie to me (my insurance adjuster had already told me what to expect). When I finally signed the contract, they installed the roof the next week. They came the day they said they would and did the job they said they would for the price they gave me. Further, before he would accept payment, the boss got up on the roof and double checked his crews' work. Also, they are so busy JUST FROM WORD OF MOUTH that they didn't even bother putting up an advertising sign in my yard.

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I am a Realtor in Austin and have been for 16 years. I often need the help of a roofer and have experienced many good and many bad roofers and roofs.

I have been recommending for years Wilson Roofing, as well I just had 4 roofs for myself and my clients done by Roof Crafters ask for Ronnie. Stick with Austin roofers who have been here a long time and can prove it! Do not use an out of towner. BBB is a great way to go but they do not have listings of all bad situations. Most do not report bad contractors to anyone but their neighbors.

I also would not rush to get the roof done if not leaking. That way the roofers will not be rushed to get to the next job!

I am a mom of 3 1/2 Marines, Grandma to one and a full time Real Estate agent. Been married to the same guy for 34 years.



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My brother is a General Contractor and roofer and many times can waive your deductible. email me at [email protected]



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Go to the Better Business Bureau website and do a search on roofers in Austin. You can see how long they've been listed with BBB, what their rating is and if there are any complaints against them.

Let us know what happens! Everyone I know is getting a new roof.



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Hi T.,

My neighbor is a roofer. He has done a couple roofs in our neighborhood just recently. Dwight Barker Roofing ###-###-#### He is very pleasant and will let you know what your roof needs. He made sure my roof was done right years ago, and didn't let me down. They clean up to where you hardly notice they were there. The price was right on and it looks wonderful. He will do an estimate for you and let you see the price before doing the work. And, if he notices anything that might be a problem while they are doing the job, he will call and let you know so you can 'ok' it prior to them fixing it.


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