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Updated on September 27, 2007
A.B. asks from Endeavor, WI
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Ok here it goes. lol I am returning to the work force. I was hired in at one of the stores that compares to walmart. I was hired in part time and the hours would be great. Well that was 2 weeks ago and I had called them last week to see when the orientation was going to be. Nevermind you I had told the woman that I needed at least a 2 day notice so I could find daycare for my children. Now I told her this at my interview, also told the manager at the interview, and when I called last week. Well I get a call today and she says well the orientation is tomorrow at 4, can you make it. I told her that I would have appreciated a little more notice and she remembered the conversations that we had... She then tells me that basically either I make it to the orientation or I will not be employeed that. So for min wage I am thinking that I am not going to take the position. What would you do? Any suggestions? The only bad thing is that I would only have to pay for daycare for an hour in the morning for both of my girls and just for an hour and a half for my youngest in the afternoon. Any help would be great

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So What Happened?

Well I called the store today and talked to the manager that was going to hire me for the position. I forgot to mention that they were going to put me in a different position in January of a manager of a dept. Well this morning I called and for some reason the manager could not remember talking to me. I guess you would think that if you were g oing to be putting someone as a dept manager you would remember them, but I guess not, so I decided not to take a job at that store. Thank you all for your comments

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I would say to forget it. Just hearing what happened already would tell me that they really don't listen to their employees. For a minimum wage wouldn't be worth it to me. What happens down the road when they need people to work a little over time (Christmas comes to mind) and you tell them you can't because you have to be home for the children? I would look for something a little more family friendly...and emphasize the importance of your family to them. There are quite a few Walmart type places out there that are (or will be) looking to hire because they want people to be established before the holidays.
I personnally would keep looking just for the simple fact that I would have a chip on my shoulder about this (my husband says I can hold the best grudges...LOL) and wouldn't think to kindly of the organization as a whole. Why would I want to work someplace that has so little respect for my "full-time job", my love, and my life (ie my family)?

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I completely agree with Brandi. Although you may think it may only be a little of daycare, consider the gas to get back and forth to work. You have to remember taxes come out. So if it a $7 job you bring home only about 3/4 of that. Really think about it over night. And if they are that way about the orientation, how are they as employers when you need a day off??



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I would recommend a pros/cons list to whether or not you should take the job. In my experience, I feel like I'm barely making more money than we are paying out in child care. You have to do a little analysis to see if it is even cost effective for you to work at this place for the amount of money they will pay you VS the amt of money you are spending at day-care. I think once you do that, it will be apparent which is the better option for you. Good luck!!


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Sounds like Target?! I worked there for almost a year, and that sounds like something they would do....I still LOVE shopping there though. Anyways, I am glad that you could find a reasonable resolution....I wouldn't have taken the job either! Good for you!

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