Need Info on Others Sex Drive After Having My Tubes Tied

Updated on November 08, 2006
M.F. asks from Catoosa, OK
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ever since i had the surgery done there are days i have such a need.then nothing for days then incresing drive again.when it is up its unquenchable.when its down i dont want anyone even near me.

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So What Happened?

well i thank everyone for their sure many of you are right about knowing i (cant have any more).i was on the depo shot for one year and i messed me up they are saying i have thyroid problems but cant be treated as such yet.i keep going up and down to much.i also have had lymes and ebstine the doctors are just happy i am having sex.

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I have never had my tubes tide but its just your hormones are messed up. Have you ever heard of Arbonne they have a cream that helps balance out your hormones. I have been using it for 2 months now since I got off birth control. I use to not have a sex drive didn't care if I had sex once a month but I have one now. It's great for menopause people to. If interested let me know ([email protected]



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The pleasure of being a women .. sometimes u wonder. I am a mom of 2 one 9 and one 7 I also had tubes tyed after my seven yr old and sorry to tell u but i was the same way for about 3 yrs and my wants were right before or right after my monthly...which tome says harmones I did out grow it but now i cant get enough so its exteremly opposite and life stress does play a huge affect in it make sure u make time for u and ur husband alone time ( yes even with our busy schdules ) and make it special as much as possible be affectionate the more attention u get the better ur sex drive will be i believe thats what got me out of my 3 yr delay.. hope everything goes well.. good luck



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I have never had my tubes tied and I am so done having oldest 23 (gonna be a daddy!), 17, & 15. Totally understand the lack of sex and then the "gotta have it" desire. Drives me crazy. It is hormonal. My problem is I am estrogen dominant...42 yrs., and perimenopausal. I bounce back and forth. I am also a woman who tries to be healthy in what I consume. Right now I am attending Missouri College: Massage Therapy and one of the required courses is in Anatomy. WOW, this course really opened my eyes up to how foods affect our body and the body's ability to do it's job in taking care of us. Many of the foods we eat do mess up our hormones as well...especially increasing the estrogen side. A lack of sexual desire, pms, low-blood sugar, and many other symptoms are the result of too much estrogen and not enough progestron, which we need as well. They need to be balanced.

I purchased some seaweed herbal blend off the net through Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition: FEMALE HARMONY. and I use ARBONNE'S PHYTO PROLIEF CREAM (HAS PLANT PROGESTRON). On top of eliminating chemical products, foods not good for my body and caring about my body more than ever...I actually feel great. I have been using the herbs and cream for about a month now. I have always listened to my body and I do notice changes in how I feel and think...more clear headed and can concentrate.

the herbal nutrition I found at: I am an ARBONNE Consultant so I can get the discount on my purchases. So, if your interested in have the info. Check out my website...It's all informational & resources...not selling anything.

Good Luck! KAT or



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I had this problem for a while as well after my tubal. Apparently it is hormonal. I use an estrogen cream I purchase at the drug store for the days that seem emotional or crazy and that seems to help. I started this after a friend told me she did it. You never know.



answers from Kansas City on

When you're down, you're down. When you're up you are way up.
I know the feeling. After my thrid boy I had my tubes tied. I feel the same things. The "need" is probably just knowing that you won't get pregnant again! Sounds selfish and simple, but it's probably true. Women internalize sex a lot. Even if you aren't "thinking" about the potential to get pregnant when you are having sex, it is ALWAYS in the back of your mind. When you are sterile, then the thought doesn't enter into it. BUT you are also a mom and a woman with a bunch of kids. When you don't want really don't want it. I am guessing the up times are plentiful enough to get your partner through the dry spells.



answers from Wichita on

I had my tubes tied after my last child which was one of three boys. I dont know what the ages of your boys are, but just the fact that there are four of them could be a clue to the waning sex drive. It is hard to have time to even acknowledge your sex drive when you are very busy with taking care of other peoples needs and dont have much time for yourself. I recently split with my husband and lived with my brothers family with my kids while my husband and I worked on our problems and I can tell you while I was there and my husband and I had more time together alone and I had more help with the kids, the decrease in stress and pressure on me and the fact that my husband was trying to win me back really had an impact on my sex drive. So it may be life getting in the way of your sex drive more than the result of surgery. Take some time for yourself and pamper yourself then get away from "reality" with your husband.



answers from Bloomington on

It could be hormonal.

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