Need Ideas from Crafty Moms (And Dads)!

Updated on September 27, 2012
B.S. asks from Norristown, PA
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My daughter is going to her friend's birthday party next weekend. The invitation stated that gifts are optional. So we thought it would be fun to make something. The little girl is turning 5 and loves pink, but isn't super girly. So hair accessories are out. She also doesn't like chocolate, so nothing like that. I can sew, but I don't have a sewing machine. So if you have a no sew idea or something that can be sewn easily by hand, that's ok. Does anyone have any ideas? I usually can come up with some fun stuff, but I'm stuck on this one. Thanks so much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much everyone! I had heard of those blankets before, but forgot about them. Thanks for the ideas :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

I was going to suggest the fleece blanket too. You can also do pillows using the same method.

Making friendship bracelets. Even if she's not very girly she could still wear them.

Decorate a picture frame and put a picture of your daughter and her friend in it.

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answers from Chicago on

What about one of those Fleece tie blankets that are cut around the edges and then tie them into knots? My girls are not girly at all, but they love these blankets in their favorite colors, or sports team, etc.

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answers from Cleveland on

i say a fleece blaknet, they cost around 15 dollars depending on where you go and the frabic you get, youd need 2 different fabics cut the same size, then laid out on the floor and lined up one on top of the other, then cut a square out of each corner, that you will cut strips as deep as the squares about 1.5-2 inches in width all the way around and then tie them up double knots



answers from Kansas City on

When one of my boys was little, he received a "homemade" gift once, that he really cherished. It was a bug holder. I know that is for boys, but I was thinking along the lines of a butterfly or firefly holder for a girl. I have seen the kits at places like Hobby Lobby, and you have to assemble it yourself. It looks like a little mailbox, and has a screen door on the front, like where the door on a mailbox would be. And you can paint in however you want. You could maybe paint it pink and put butterflies and fireflies on it for decoration. I know it is kinda late in the year for that too but thought I'd just pass it along anyway.



answers from Chicago on

The no-sew blankets are fun. They have them pre-cut at JoAnn or you can pick out. You do have to cut the ties, but that's easy.

You can also go smaller with a no-sew pillow. Depending on the fabric, it can be more or less girlie.

Decorated picture frames are fun! Especially if you have a photo of the two of them.

We're doing crafts for my daughter's friends' birthdays. We are doing tee shirt, bracelets with their names and a hair tie.



answers from Dallas on

Maybe a cute puppet or stuffed animal. There are some pretty simple patterns out there that you can sew by hand fairly easily. I did a puppet by hand, and I am not great at sewing so if I can do it you can do it. I bet if you googled puppet sewing patterns you could find something.

Oh and one thing I did for my daughter at around that age, I made her an apron out of Hello Kitty fabric. She loved it because she liked to play waitress. She also wore it when she did art projects. Again - something you can probably sew pretty easily by hand. And it would be fun for your daughter to choose the fabric and she could be your model for the size.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Do you have a glue gun? A beaded monogram letter. It's so easy and economical too. All you need is cardboard, hot glue, and a couple strands of Mardi Gras beaded necklaces. (They do come in a metallic pink)

Here's a link with a picture:

I'll also include a link for a 'watermark' t-shirt where you write on the shirt with glue and then dye it.

If you're short on ideas spend an hour (or three or four) on're sure to come away with some ideas.

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