Need Ideas for Twins Shower

Updated on May 06, 2009
T.G. asks from Oakland, CA
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My cousin and her partner/girlfriend are going to be having twin boys. I am hosting a shower for them with my mom, her mom and a handful of other grandmothers. Does anyone have any game ideas or party ideas that older women in their 70's would like? I already have some word games but would like some other suggestions. Also, any twin ideas?
Thanks in advance!

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answers from San Francisco on

the clothes pin game, whenever you say a specific wordlike baby or twins, your clothes pin is taken,, whom ever has the most pins wins...

Weigh a sack of potatoes, make it the size of a newborn, about 7 or so pounds, and wrap in a baby blanket and have eahc person guess the weight, whom ever is closest, wins...



answers from San Francisco on

You may know this one: Each person writes down how many tiolet paper sections will fit around the pregnant woman's belly at its widest. Then, the tiolet paper roll is given to her and the sections counted.
One I thought up, kinda silly. Each woman writes down the name of her first boyfriend or first husband (or dad's name). The names are put into a raffle jar. The mother-to-be draws out two sets of names to possibly name her boys......Earl and Edgar...etc. The next two, etc. until enough is enough!
Put ten items on a TV tray, baby related. Walk around slowly and everyone takes note. Everyone writes down what was on the tray. The answers read off and prizes for those who had all ten.
Dollar tree has good cheap prizes as you may know.
Have fun!



answers from San Francisco on

One game that is fun -- and free -- i sto have each person send you a baby pic of themselves in advance. Then post them on a board along with a number. Each guest has to guess which baby pic belongs to which grown up. Fun to see what everyone looked like when they were babies.

Another game that can serve as a gift for the mom-to-be, buy a gift basket and fill with a number of baby items. Give the guests 30 seconds to a minute to look at it, take it away and then have people write down as many things as they can remember. Because it is a gift, you can even ask one of the guests to bring it as her gift for the moms-to-be.

As a mother of twins, I don't have any brilliant ideas on twin shower themes, but I do know that taking care of twin newborns at night is really, really hard. So, if the parents-to-be aren't planning on getting night nurse help (or even if they are for that matter), something that would be really helpful would be a babysitting "schedule" -- either during the day to let them get naps or a committed offer to take one night a week for a few weeks. They may say no now, not realizing how much harder twins can be at night and wanting to do it all on their own and fearing too many visitors but that could change really quickly.... even if the parents don't sleep during the times you are offering, having an extra set of hands to hold one baby while you are changing / feeding / burping the other can be a god-send. Just a thought.

Congrats to them!



answers from San Francisco on

some things that have gone over well at baby showers attended by DH's extended family (MIL has 5 sisters and they're in their 70's and 80's)

-baby bingo - make bingo cards with little pics of baby items in them (bottle, crib, teddy bear, etc.)

-baby pictionary - divide into two teams, have a bunch of baby-theme words on index cards or small pieces of paper, pick one at random and someone from each team has to draw a picture to help their team guess the word (can also have the teams make the item out of play dough instead of drawing it)

PS: If your cousin and her partner haven't already checked out their local parents of multiples club, encourage them to go to to find the nearest club. It's a great resource for information (e.g. which local OB's and pediatricians are 'twin-friendly'), gently-used secondhand gear at great prices (Twins by theBay, the club that covers the Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda area even has 'loaner' equipment that members can borrow for free), and a chance to meet up with other parents of multiples - both the "been there/done that" ones who are happy to share helpful hints and encouragement, and the fellow nervous/expectant parents with whom it's great to share the challenges and joys of parenting multiples.

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