Need Ideas for Toys for a Boy (With Older Sister)

Updated on June 07, 2011
K.M. asks from Los Gatos, CA
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Hello, I'm in need of some advice on what to get for my almost 2 year old son. I have a 4 year old daughter so most of our toys are dolls, babies, kitchen stuff, tea sets, etc. We have some general ones: puzzles, books, animals, outdoor toys, a couple of trucks (pink wheels though)...
My son follows his sister and naturally wants to play with her toys (mostly barbies, babies and dolls) but I would like for him to have "his own" boyish stuff. If he were the first one I know things would be reversed :)
Just trying to see what toys you have for your boys...please share!

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So What Happened?

Thank you thank you! For all the great ideas! I love to see him play with his sister, I am just trying to get some ideas of what other items we can add (since birthdays are coming up and family will ask what to get) Love the idea of building blocks for both and outdoor items! All ideas are very much appreciated :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

Toys my son (2) has recently received for Birthday and Christmas:
Tool bench
Mega blocks
Carpet with roads/town on it to play with his cars and trucks
Balance bike
Easel, paint
Blow up pool with sprinkler
Fishing set for the bath tub

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answers from Honolulu on

Boys need make pretend play too. at 2-4 it is rather developmental. My son loves dinosaurs, trains, male dress up clothing (like pirates, and army, train conductor and batman). We also have a tool set or 2.

My son and daughter are right now into a princess/knight theme. My daughter and son love the play castle! link below!

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answers from San Francisco on

I have 2 boys ,2 and 4 yr old. We have a lot of Hot Wheels cars and ramps- super fun, even the girls that come to play at our house love the ramp. Thomas Trains and track are a big hit too, Duplo building blocks are great and unisex. Dump trucks and cement mixers the big kind that the boys take outside are great too Geo Trax trains are really fun,they are remote control


answers from San Francisco on

Anything that moves... cars, trains, airplanes, zambonis, trucks.... Age 2 is when my son got his train table, and at 4.5, he's literally played with it EVERY DAY for at least a few minutes. There were days when he'd play for hours! That was also the age he started showing serious interest in sports, so he got a hockey stick and soft puck, softball baseball bat (we used the balls that go with ball pits), small basketball and hoop. He's now graduated to lacrosse, hockey (big stick, street ball), baseball with mitt, etc. He also really loved his Thomas the Train laptop and phone!! I recommend fun things as well as things that challenge him and help him learn. OH, LeapFrog Fridge Phonics and the Fridge Farm!!! My 18mo daughter also LOVES these, and she's 18mo!



answers from New York on

Playmobile toys are great for both boys and girls and they dont outgrow them very fast. My 11 yr old still plays with the little ones. I like that they play together and when they get older if you read books that coordinate such as King Arthur, Robin Hood, Swiss Family Robinson, etc, their play becomes more intense and educational.



answers from Honolulu on

I have an older daughter and a younger son!
But my kids are 4 years apart.

At 2, well my boy liked:
bugs, cars, trucks, balls, the Leapfrog "Leapster", play-doh, puzzles, finger painting, zoo animals and figures, farm animals and figures, Dinosaurs or dinosaur stuff. Drawing stuff. Crayons.

Get him a Tricycle!

For your son, what would also be useful/cute, is to get some "boy" colored baskets/bins, and have only his toys in that... and when he gets older or even now, he will know which is his own "special" toy baskets to put his stuff in or when he helps you clean up.

I know... Girl things can really take over a house. I have a girl. Egad, her stuff can get all over. But she and my son play real nice together and he even plays "Littlest Pet Shop" with her. And she plays boy things with him too.

So by now, my son is 4, and he now has a real nice collection of only 'his' toys/boy stuff. And in one part of the play room is 'his' section. He is real proud of that.


answers from Dallas on

Well, my girls are princess tomboys, so we have EVERYTHING! Remote controlled cars, a train table with little people train set, Mickey Mouse clubhouse, etc. Outdoor toys are easy. Sandbox, toy lawnmower, balls, cars, dump trucks, etc. I watch kids and boys also like to play tea party and dress up too, so no biggie. My 3 year old daughter has pirate dress up clothes, darth vadar masks, swords and sheilds, etc. The beauty of this age is that they can be anything that they want to!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi-check out There is the best list of all the best toys for that age.


answers from San Francisco on

Blocks, trains, cars, building sets (like duplo, legos when he's older) balls, active games (like bean bag toss, gator golf) sand and water toys, dress up/costumes, action figures.
My son played with a toy kitchen and (somewhat) with baby dolls. Boys like to play "house" too, nothing wrong with that!


answers from Eugene on

Duplos those big versions of Lego. I'd get him a dozen matchbox cars and a track to run them around on. A small tricycle for outdoor play. Once he is three you can get him playmobile. Finger paint, modeling clay and butcher boy paper for the wall so both children can draw on it to their hearts content.


answers from Bloomington on

My boys love the Little Tikes car ramp, Imaginext toys, and wooden train set.


answers from Redding on

Blocks, dinosaurs, trucks to play in the sand with. All the play sets on the market that come with a building structure of some sort and people to play in them. The airplane, the farm, the race track, zoo. Fisher Price or PkaySkool have a ton of them and both boys and girls like them.



answers from Sacramento on

Elmo car he sits in and pushes himself w/his feet
Fireman truck
Fireman hat
Plastic tool set
Tricycle w/helmet
Stuffed animals
Trucks w/noise
Hot wheels

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