Need Ideas for Son's 2Yr Bday Party

Updated on September 08, 2008
K.L. asks from Arlington, TX
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Greetings, ladies!
I am not very creative (YET!) with bday parties and cakes... My son loves Handy Many, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, the Muppets, etc. I need some fun and inexpensive ideas for the party - cake, activities, goodie bags, FOOD!! I'm pretty sure it will be mostly adults and a handful of older children. I'm pretty good with recipes and directions, just not coming up with great ideas... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Hi K.,
The $1 store, 99 cent store, or big lots often has plastic characters that you can put on cakes to spruce them up. That way if you are not a cake decorator you can still have a cute cake just by smearing some icing on it and placing some figurines. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have character cake pans if you choose to go that route and all you need to decorate those is usually a star decorating tip, one pastry bag, icing and some patience. I decorate cakes and if you need an icing recipe feel free to email me and I can pass a simple one along.
You can also get your party favors, plates, name it.. from any one of those discount stores for very inexpensive. Until they are about 7 years old, it seems to be quantity over quality. Give my 2 year old a box to play with and she is a happy camper.
We went to a party recently for kids 5 and under. My friend had asked to borrow a number of baby pools. She had about 7 pools set up all over her yard and all the kids had a great time running crazy in the yard and in and out of all the pools. They served cold-cut sandwiches on rolls, chips and cake. Her theme was Nemo. The kids hit a pinata filled with candy. It was simple and fun. The adults had a great time mingling and watching the kids.
At your sons age it doesn't need to be complicated. Keep it simple so you can enjoy the party too. Good luck.



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We went to and they have great birthday packages. The standard comes with ribbon, balloons, table cloth, ect. We loved it and only spent about 40 for everything. They have disney characters and just anything you can think of.


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Hi K.,
If you haven't already, go to and click on "celebration center" and there are a ton of ideas and things to download there.
Have fun,
R. B.



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HI K.. I recently had my son's 2nd birthday party at Letsjump in Keller. They did a great job. Since there were mostly adults and only about 10 kids everyone was able to enjoy themselves. They serve, clean and host the entire party. Good Luck. I dont know where abouts you live, however; there are a couple of facilities like this one in the DFW metro.



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I'd just keep it simple. For my daughter's two-year-old party, we had it at a nearby park where all the kiddos played happily on playground equipment until it was time to sing, eat cake and open presents. Then they went back to playing or went home for naps.

As for goodie bags, I usually get the little tubs of Play Doh, small markers or crayons, stickers, or something similar along with a couple of "choke free" candies. I prefer those types of goodie bag things to the commercial ones they sell.

If you prefer to do a character-themed party, I suggest watching the Party City ads since they have those items on sale periodically.

Good luck!

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