Need Ideas for Party Favors

Updated on August 27, 2007
L. asks from Dallas, TX
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I am planning a birthday party for my 5 year old son and I'm looking for ideas of what to put in the goody bags. There may be as many as 20 kids at the party and I don't want to spend a fortune on the bags - we are spending so much on the party already! Has anyone seen anything cute or different lately or know where to get some good stuff that is not too expensive?

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Here is my different idea..... I don't do party favor bags :-) I am on strike. They cost way too much and usually are filled w/ junk that5 breaks and or gets tossed.
My kids still get plenty of invites to other parties, so I must not be on too many "bad" lists!

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Party City has all of there summer items on sale so for my daughter's birthday last week, I bought the sand pail, bubble pack, hawaiian straw cup and star sunshades. When I bought them, they weren't on clearance but you could put one of each in the bucket and it would cost about $2.50 each. I liked it b/c it was also useful.



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If you'll go to and type "icecream cone" in the search engine and then click on "icecream cone favors" by Sandra Lee...that is what I have done for the past 2 years since they are so many children that come to my little girls b-day. Party City has big bags of candy, or you can get sugarless candy. The favors are super easy and super cheap but I still get tons of compliments on them. Good Luck!!!



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What is the theme of his party? Oriental Trading Company has a lot of goody bag favors that are cheap. Kids mostly just want candy anyway.

You can go to Michaels or Walmart and purchase plain little paper bags (sort of look like miniture grocery bags) use a sticker that is the theme of the party to decorate. Put candy in the bag as the treat.

Or I always hit the "dollar" section at Target as they are clearancing out their items. I am always able to get goodies there for 25 cents a piece.

Goody bags are my speciality and I have always handed them out at my kids parties.

You can also get miniature candy bar wrappers printed off of ebay for only a few dollars a sheet, wrap those around those little chocolate bars and put those in a little baggie. You can also get labels for Hershey Kisses made.



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How about making a CD with all your son's fav songs. You can personalise the cover with his pciture. PM me if you want more tips.

Also you can buy personalised candy wrappers and give that out. Nothing too fancy or too lame. Afterall everyone loves chocolate.




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Box of crayons (they're CHEAP right now with the back to school stuff!) bubbles, and a page of fun stickers in a .97 pencil box from WalMart. Each favor will be only cost you a couple of dollars.

~ t

Edited to Add: Oh and check out Dollar General. They have some cute sand buckets, you can put the crayons, a coloring book, or whatever in there.


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My daughter is 12 and on her last birthday we gave a giftcard to Abercrombie and Fitch for each girl. Now, I only had 5 girls so that was not too bad. The girls LOVE to shop there.

In the past, I have shopped at Big Lots and found cute reasonably priced items such as art sets with paper, diaries, light colognes. Hobby Lobby has some neat ideas, as well as Oriental Trading.


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