Need Ideas for My Baby Shower

Updated on November 08, 2007
D.H. asks from Largo, FL
4 answers

I need a good cheap place that I can have my baby shower. My parents and in-laws live in Largo/St. Petersburg but all my friends are coming from Tampa. I live by the airport and thougth it would be central location for everyone that lives in Tampa. I have about 24 people. I thought about some different restaurants or hotels but need to do this as cheap as possible since I am basically paying for it. My mom is helping me host it but I dont' want the burden to be all on her.

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I agree about using someone's home, (even yours if you are up to it!) if possible. I had my wedding shower and baby shower at my sister's home and it absolutely wonderful. Very relaxing and inviting. Also, try having it in the afternoon; it is a great way to cut down costs because you don't have to provide lunch, just some snacks. Good luck and congratulations!



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D., I can't think of any place in particular that would be good for a shower. Hotels are expensive with their catering. Try to find a restaurant that would let you host it in between meal times and offer only h'ourderves or something light. Try the restaurants at International Mall or Lee Roy Selmon's across from the mall.

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Hi D.! I have a 3d/4d ultrasound business in Palm Harbor and we offer a baby shower package that includes food and a 30 minute session with a sonographer, hosted at our location for $499, if you are interested give me a call at ###-###-#### or email me at



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We used to always have baby showers in our own homes or the home of our mom? That certainly is the cheapest way to go. Everyone would bring something (pot luck) and mom would provide the cake and beverages. Probably too old fashioned for today's families, but it sure was a nice way to celebrate the new baby coming.

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