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Updated on October 18, 2011
G.B. asks from Boise, ID
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I am having a Western Day party for ages 6-14. This is not a bday, just a fun party for the kids. I need some western themed games. Most of which need to be played outdoors. It will be light for an hour, then dark for an hour.
I have a couple of squirt guns... I was thinking , those would be cute to have to pick up at some point in a relay and squirt something....its getting kinda cold to squirt eachother. We are going to search for a hidden stolen treasure via a map left by Jessie James, have a tug o war, ...any other ideas??? something to do with the pony exress? I have signs made (blacksmith shop, motel, tombstone, prospector's cabin, etc...that I put around the yard. We have a scarcrow, lots of pumpkins...
ANY ideas you have to contribute to ANY area of the party would be welcomed!!! We have an acre to play on. Thank you in advance.

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answers from Houston on

three legged race, horse races (using a broom/mop horse), you can do the old back to back gunfight... where they walk 10 paces, then turn and shoot or however they do it in cowboy movies. Make a lasso and rope something, horseshoes, make a target and they can squirt it with their squirt guns or darts.

lots of ideas here:

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answers from San Francisco on

you could set up some kind of targets for the squirt guns, or (not really western themed but fun) set a couple bath toys in a pan of water and have them use the squirt guns to propel the bath toys across the pan - at our school's fall carnival we use two narrow plastic bins, each with a rubber ducky, and pairs of kids race to see who can squirt their ducky across the bin first.

A ring toss game of some sort could also be western themed - esp. if you have some thick rope you could use for the rings. Maybe make cardboard cow cutouts and stick them on traffic cones and then the kids try to "lasso the cattle" with the rope rings.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Just based on your "buildings": lasso a saw horse, play horseshoes, pan for gold..

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answers from Kansas City on

Do you have a stick pony? You could do a game where they have to relay race/deliver mail to a number of different boxes and whichever team does it first wins!

You could have a pumpkin decorating contest, which I suppose isn't very western, but the older kids might get into it.

You could always do a pinata or play flashlight tag after it gets dark.

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answers from Houston on

We went to a really cute party where they carved out pumpkins, put a votive in it, lit it and it was a race to see who could put the flames out the fastest w/their squirt guns.

My son has this cute bandana with a cut out felt mustache sewed on the spot right under his nose when it is folded in half by the corners and is tied around his head.

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