Need Ideas for Helping My Son Remember to Turn in Homework

Updated on November 10, 2010
C.C. asks from Morrisville, PA
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My oldest son is in 5th grade and is 10 1/2 yrs old. He gets A on all his test and good grades on his school work. He has a focusing problem. He is on Focalin similar to Ritalin. He completes his homework but he is not always turning it in. Part of it might be that he has too much stuff to organize on a regular basis. This coming week since he has 2 test and 1 quiz and he has two reports due. The report are tiny not even a full page. He completed both of them.
This is what we currently do. 1. we have a white board in his room for studying 2. as soon as he arrives home he starts his homework. 3. he gets a tutor once a wk.4 twice a wk he stays after school for free homework help 5. I check his homework when its done. we have to hava a parents signature and send it back to school6. we check the school web site for the homework to do a double check.7. we stay away from sugary snacks 8. make sure he gets good sleep.
My husband gets mad at me about him often. I am honestly doing the best I am able to achieve. My husband is very attentive and we want our kids to excel in school. I need suggestions on helping him remember to turn his school work in. I can't hold his hand all the way to his classroom.

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Plus I have 2 other kids that need my help with stuff. Plus I have to do the normal stuff like clean, make dinner, laundry, drive my kids and pick them up at their activities.

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Well, when my daughter was in 4th grade, I always made sure she completed her homework, but she would get so busy going to breakfast and socializing that she would "forget" in the morning at school, to put it in the basket. This was a different procedure than previous teachers that would ask the class or each individual directly one at a time to hand in their homework. Now they just had to be responsible to remember to do it on their own. I got so frustrated with her "forgetting" that for a week I accompanied her to school and stood there to witness her depositing her homework in the basket. I also cut her school breakfast privileges (she already eats at home, this was mostly just for a quick juice/snack and hang out with friends). Of course she was embarrassed enough to have me come and watch her do this, she did not have a problem after that week.

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What reason was he put on Focalin for in the first place? It concerns me that so many children are placed on these meds.
You're husband should be more understanding. That doesn't help anything for him to be pushy. Sometimes if a child picks that up, he will shut down.
Stress can be very bad on a person. It really sounds like you are doing a lot of good things to try and get your son a good education. Perhaps if your husband thinks he can do better, he should do it. It sure isn't and easy job.
You might want to improve your childs diet as well. Your whole family could benefit. Here's a link to help with that.
Meanwhile, good luck and don't worry too much. Things will come together like they are supposed to. xx



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It sounds like you have so many good practices in place already. Could something as simple as a homework folder compliment your system already and help? When he completes his work it goes in the folder and then right into the backpack. That way you know in the morning everything is in the backpack and ready to go. Or is it a matter of once he goes to school things fall apart? Could you enlist the help of his teacher? I see no reason why the teacher couldn't start a routine at school to ensure his homework gets turned in. He sounds like a great student and a gentle reminder or routine set up at school might fill in that missing piece of the puzzle.

I also wanted to say that it sounds like you are doing an awesome job helping your son to succeed. It doesn't sound like you hear that too often at home.



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Does the teacher ask for everyone to hand in homework or do they have
to put it in a specified place every day? What is the first thing he takes
out when he gets to school; a book, notebook. Put a post it on it and
maybe it will become habit.


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Sounds like he has you trained pretty well to get his homework in. I would begin to take privileges, activities, favorite things, what ever it takes until he begins to turn in his homework himself. If you don't teach him to be the responsible one now, he won't do it later. I have kids with learning issues and my goal is always how to make them self-sufficient with the learning issue. I am not going to live with them forever and I want them to make good spouses.



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My son is very disorganized. He tends to just stuff papers in his backpack and then cannot find them when it comes time to turn in his homework. He has gotten a bit better, though not perfect yet. He has a red folder specifically for homework. He had to have an accordian folder for school and each pocket should have hled a specific subject but that is too detailed for him so we just have him take that red folder. He took a week to get it straight but he knows that that red folder goes to each class with him and is the first thing he must look at in the class. Maybe this will help if you do not already have something like this.



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ADHD is a bonafide brain disorder that affects the brain, just as diabetes affects the body. I've two kids and a husband with it, I'm a teacher, and I worked at a school for students with learning disabilities. He can overcome this, but must be taught. Repeatedly. For years. You will need to enlist the help of his teachers to ensure he turns the work in. If they won't, request an IAT meeting.

You may have to try several things for a few weeks at a time to see what works. I would suggest first trying a homework folder.

Another suggestion is to color code ONE binder for him and purchase tab folders with pockets on both sides (front for homework, back for papers to keep for the unit). Each week, go through the binder with him to remove old papers. Don't throw them out in the event they are still needed for the unit! Keep in another folder by subject at home.

At school, work with the teacher(s) to ensure his homework IS turned in. You may encounter some that may cooperate briefly then expect him to be responsible. This is when you need to intervene. Nicely. Most children with learning disabilities average 2-4 years behind in maturity, therefore, a 5th grader may be operating like a 1st-4th grader in responsibility. LD online is a good resource. Find out if homework checks are occurring, see if a study buddy or student homework partner (that will check that he turned it in) might benefit him. Create, or ask the teacher to create, a homework checklist that is kept on his desk each day. One teacher at my son's school makes all the kids get up at the same time to turn their homework in (this is 7th grade) and as each child hands it to her, she checks off their name, or, hands them a slip that it wasn't turned in. This teacher has been VERY effective with my son in his least favorite subject largely due to this very simple method.

Best of luck to you, and feel free to pm me if you have questions anytime.

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