Need Ideas for Grandmas 80Th Birthday Party

Updated on April 01, 2007
K.M. asks from Peoria, AZ
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I am planning a surprise birthday party for my grandma for May 5th. I would like to give everyone a nice party favor to take home, any ideas for something that is simple to make, not to expensive but very meaningful? Any other ideas or suggestions to help make this a wonderful party will be appreciated. I have already asked friends and family for photos and memories that I will put into a book for her and I am also having a video made to music to share at the party.....TIA K.

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I just did my mom's 80th birthday last October and what I did was found a recent photo of her where she had a big smile. I had copies made at Walgreens and then I framed them in little 4x6 frames and had them all lined up on a table when everyone entered. That way everyone got a really nice photo of the birthday girl.

Hope it goes well.


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Hi K.,
WOW how sweet that is to do a party for your grandma! :-) Well, since you're doing a 'memories' theme for her party by creating a photo album and video for her, for the party favors I would include a photo magnet, and may be with a mini photo album for your guests to take home. :-) I think that would be cool and it stays with the party theme as well as providing a sort of creative memories gift. :-) I hope you like this idea. I wish I could come up with more at this time. Let us know how the party goes! Have fun! G.

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The dollar tree has little eight pack of name tag frames in the party section with the wedding stuff. I found that they make excellent picture frames for wallet sized photos. You could get photo's printed at Wal-Mart for about $.25 each (or at least that's what they use to be), and I think you will find it to be very memorable for everyone, will go with your memory theme, and will only cost you about $.38 a person!



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We blew up a picture of My Grandma when she was younger, and had everyone who attended the party sign it with a note all around the edge. At the end of the party she got to take it home and it hangs in her bedroom. She loves it dearly.



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you could give the people tiny clocks- or photo albums to keep their memories, you can try oriental trading company and see if they have any fun party favors. good luck



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Hi K.,
I think a nice party favor would be a picture of your Grandmother. You could probably do it fairly cheap if you have access to a digital camera. Perhaps you could add a nice border around it or make a simple mat to frame it.
Good luck,



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Has your grandmother ever talked about things that she enjoyed when she was a child? My grandmother loves to talk about her jacks and her paper dolls. Maybe you could find things like this and put them together with photos of your grandmother.

My mother-in-law turned 50 a few years ago and one of her nieces put together a gift with an item from each year of her life. They were all inexpensive gifts but she really liked it.

Happy Birthday to your grandma and I hope she has many more to come.

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