Need Ideas for Daughter's Birthday Party for Games (Ages 3-5)

Updated on September 25, 2008
K.F. asks from Minden, NV
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Does anyone have any ideas for games for my daughter's 5th birthday party?

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answers from Chico on

I did a game at my son's third birthday where I wrapped some sticker sheets (enough for each kid to have one) in a little box, then wrapped that box in a bigger box, then that present in a bigger box, etc. until there were as many layers as children at the party (I think we had 6 kids, but I don't remember). Then we palyed a game like hot potato; they passed the present around the circle while the music was playing, then weh the music stopped, whoever was holding the present got to open it. We continued until the little box was opened, and the kids each got a sheet of stickers matching the party's theme.

I read about one for a girl's party where you give each girl a charm bracelet, then you make a ball of charms to unwrap at the party. The way it works is you tear pieces of crepe paper streamers into varying lengths 10-20 inches long. Tape a charm to one end of each length, then wrap them up like a ball of yarn. At the party, then, each girl gets to unwrap one part of the ball and keep the little charm for her bracelet. I thought it'd be cute with little car or vehicles, but I couldn't find any small enough.

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answers from San Francisco on

craft tables are great and gives lots of options...we went to micheals craft store and found in the clearence sections all kinds of neat things the kids could do, we set up two different tables (so they had options) laid out my husbands old tee shirts to protect the "party" clothes and let the kids do their thing...the other great thing about this is they made there own party favors!

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answers from Stockton on

The Wrapping Game:
* 2 prizes(different could be a $5 gift card to Cold Stone...)
* lots of wrapping paper...maybe 3-4 rolls(any leftover xmas??)
* 2 boxes(shoe box/diaper box...)
* about 30-40 min.
* radio
I do this the night before while the kids are sleeping:

Get the two prizes and start wrapping! Alternate the wraping paper so each layer is different. Wrap each gift in a different sized box. Wrap until theres no more wrap!
At the party, get the kids in a circle and give them the two prizes. While the music plays, one gets passed clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. When the music stops, the child with the prize has to unwrap as much as they can! When the music starts again, they have to keep passing it around. Whoever unwraps the last wrap keeps the prize!


When you start wrapping, write a RANDOM number for each layer of wrap. Write that same number on a piece of paper. Depending on how many children will be there, try to double that number and wrap that many times, so each child at least gets two tries. Then, on the piece of paper with all the numbers, write a dare for each one. They can't unwrap the paper unless they do the dare or they will have to pass. You can't read the dare unless they agree to do it. Once read, they cannot pass.
*Convince the person on your RIGHT that they are beautiful
*Sing Happy Birthday in Opera
*Act like a chicken and lay an egg
*Rap about the birthday girl
*Arm wrestle the person on your LEFT

Both versions are a hit and because you wrap them in boxes, the kids have no idea how big or small the prizes are! Sometimes they think they got a box of diapers! Or a pair of baby shoes!
Lots of fun and laughs for everybody.
Even great for bridal showers...u can do REALLY fun dares on that one!

Good Luck and have fun!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Not sure, if you are doing it inside or out, but another fun game you can do is have them do a race from one place to another and they all have spoons that have a cotton ball on it. It is amazing how many times that cotton ball will fall off with just a little gust of air and the giglles that follow. If it falls they just have to pick it up and put it back on. First one to the finish line wins a little prize.

Have Fun!
M. S

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answers from Fresno on

We had a petting zoo with pony rides. In the Fresno/Sanger area we used Barnyard Buddies and they came and set up the petting zoo in my front yard and kept everything cleaned up. The kids loved it. Just have hand sanitizer there and make the kids use it when they come out.

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answers from Reno on

Here are a couple that my girls have enjoyed from about age 3 or 4 and even now that one's nearly 9 and the other is 5. Get a wooden dowel, string cut into about 2 foot lengths, and mini white powdered doughnuts. Now, tie the string through the doughnut with a knot and then tie the other end to the dowel. You and another adult will hold the dowel with swinging doughnuts just above the face of the blind-folded child... they get doughnut powder all over their faces as they attempt to "catch" the doughnut with their mouths! It's a load of fun!

Another one, blind fold the child and have them scoop cotton balls from one bowl into another with a wooden spoon. Sounds easy, right? Nope.. and it's clean, indoor fun that the kids will love.

Hope these give you a couple ideas. Just remember, at this age, just having a group together is fun, so relax and try not to stress!


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answers from Fresno on

I did a mini scavinger hunt for my dughter when she turned 4. We took pictures with are digital camera of the places to go. Like tree in backyard, faverite toy, Mommys purse. daddys lunch box. etc at the end we had abox that had everychilds name on it. or you can just put goody bags in it. Theres always pin the tail on the donkey.

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answers from San Francisco on

Musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, face painting, craft table.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi K.,

Sand Art is such a hit for her age. You can make it really creative for the kids. They will be so busy making art.



answers from Sacramento on

One of the things that I do at birthday parties (besides face painting and balloon twisting) is a story and craft time. I read them a story, ask them questions about the story, letting them earn stickers for correct answers (everyone should get a sticker, even if the question is "What part did you like best?") then we make a craft project that goes with the story.

If you are expecting more girls than boys, maybe to a fashion show or other princess themed ideas. It doesn't have to be Disney, just a chance to let them know that they are the princesses that know they are. :-) Dress up is always a hit.

If you need more ideas, feel free to call me M-F 1pm-6pm at ###-###-#### or check my website at



answers from San Francisco on

I've read water balloon tosses always go over well.



answers from Sacramento on

My daughter's (she's 5)favorite party game is the one where all the guests get to open a present and there is another present to unwrap inside the box. Each guest takes turns opening the box and finally the last box has some sort of trinket for all the party goers.
Also, check out
Have fun!



answers from San Francisco on

i would say, face painting, any kind of arts and crafts, cook something all together, dress up, watch a movie, pin tale on donkey, sleep over, blow up funny shape ballons and play with those.. it doesn't have to cost much.. little kids are very simple and the easiest things can be so much fun for them.

Good luck and have fun!
~ C.



answers from Sacramento on

I do airbrush temporary tattoos that are a big hit no matter what the ages are. Our professional body art can last three to seven days and can be taken off with baby oil or isopropyl alcohol. They provide the opportunity for guests to be daring, uninhibited and adventurous while still being responsible and leaving behind the long term commitment, party-goers are excited at receiving one and watch them transform.

Our premium body paints are water resistant, instant drying, and made with non-toxic FDA approved ingredients (safety data sheet available upon request).

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I have over 500 designs to choose from and you can see some of the sample of what I have on my site at:

You can rely on our temporary body art service to provide the most cutting edge entertainment value. I am confident that our temporary tattoo service will be a valuable asset to your husbands birthday party.

You can call me at: ###-###-#### cell - A.



answers from Yuba City on

My daughter is about to turn 8 and at her parties in the past we haev played musical chairs, had a water balloon toss,then they have games like pin the tail on the donky but just updated versions. You can go to Party City or Party America and they have so much stuff there to choose from. A jump house is always fun. We get those every year. Also art and crafts projects. You can go to Michaels and buy those foam sun visors or plastic sand buckets which are only about $1 each then buy markers, puff paint and little stick on decals to decorate.

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