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Updated on March 03, 2010
E.S. asks from Rosemount, MN
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I'm helping to plan a baby shower for a girl at work who will be adopting a newborn. I need ideas for a few fun baby shower games. Any ideas?


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answers from St. Cloud on

I have used the little blue and pink flannel made into diapers with a little gold safety pin, one has mustard in it (just a dab). The one that gets it gets a center piece or something else. Also, I have used the time limit on names for every letter of the alphabet. Also, how many clothespins can you hold in one hand when taking them off the clothesline. Hope this helps some.



answers from Dallas on

Okay, I love to have rambunctious wild fun at my showers so here's my game suggestion.

Need: Toilet Plungers (Dollar store!)
Toilet Paper

Divide into equal teams. One team member places plunger in between legs (wooden end facing out). Other team member stands some distance away holding roll of Toilet Paper between their knees (or somewhere around that area). Object of the game is to "spear" the TP with the plunger and then waddle back with the TP on the plunger to deposit it into a collection bin.
It's a relay race. Waiting TP holder then runs back to get in line to be a plunger holder, someone else from their team goes to be a tp holder.

You have to get a visual of 2 ladies trying to line up a plunger and a roll of Toilet Paper in very close quarters...sometimes the aim is off & it takes several tries, back & forth.. eh-hem. It's fantasticly funny - especially if Grandma gets to play!

Have fun!
- C. J

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answers from Minneapolis on

Wrap a small gift in a box (wrapped really well)
Then wrap this gift into another box (again wrapped really well)
You need dice, tin and 2 oven gloves for each gift you decide to use (I ususally use 2-3 gifts)
Have guests sit in a circle - When a person rolls a double, 7 or 11 they get to put the oven gloves on and attempt to open the gift - when the next person rolls the magic number they get to take the gift and gloves and try to open the gift. Who ever finally gets the gift open - gets to keep it.
A lot of Fun watching them try to open the gifts with oven gloves on - and be sure to tape really good :o)
Have a Ton of Fun

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answers from Dallas on

Take the labels off baby food jars and have people guess what they are.



answers from Milwaukee on

I just went to one. They did melted candy bars in diapers (it made it look like poop) People had to guess the candy bar it was. You put the numbers 1-4 on it pick out four chocolate type candy bars that will melt and put the melted version inside of the diaper. They write down their choices on an index card. You can play a baby food guessing game. Played kindof like the game above with tasting the baby foods or smelling and looking at them.
Write the answers down on a card. Their are word scramble games, word searches, memory games. With the memory game: you have about 10 items on a tray and then give give a few minutes for the people to look at it, then take it away..then give a few minutes to let them write down what they can remember on an index card.



answers from Sioux Falls on

Create a survey of questions to ask the mom to be. Questions about the baby, the family, her parenting ideas, personal preferences etc. Print out enough surveys for everyone but each must answer the questions as they think the mom to be will answer them. the one with the most correct wins.
One question i remember was:

Dad to be tells mom to be that they must name their baby girl after one of the states he has lived in but she can choose which one. They are Georgia, Dakota, Carolina, Indiana, Montana and Texas. Which one does she choose?



answers from Duluth on

I just threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law who adopted. We had it after they legally had the baby. I would make sure that she is okay with having it before she gets the baby because there is a time period where the birth parents can change their mind (her siutation might be different). If you do have it after the baby has arrived, more people will be focused on the baby, so I would only play a couple games it any. We didn't play any mainly because there was close to 40 people there! Have fun planning!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

my favorite game to use is a Nursery Rhyme fill-in-the-blank. I have a Nursery Rhyme board book of my children's, but you could easily buy one and then give it to the mom-to-be after the game. Go through the book and pick some rhymes that you think would be easy, and some that are tougher (but getable). I like to use about a dozen rhymes. I made up a sheet with the rhymes and blanks for everyone and gave them a set time to complete it. Most points wins. You'd be surprised at how most of us forget the details of even the simplist rhymes. It's fun. You can read the beginning of the rhymes first, but I like to just hand out the question sheet and only read the rhymes at the end of the game to give out the answers.
For example: "Baa, Baa Black Sheep Have you Any Wool. Yes Sir, yes Sir, three bags full." Q: Who were the 3 bags for? A: One for the master, one for the dame, and one for the little boy who lived down the lane. (3 pts.)
Or: Q: Why was it against the rules for Mary to have her lamb at school?
A: It made the children laugh and cry. (1 pt.)

Have fun with it.



answers from Madison on

My favorite baby shower game is a matching game with names and their meanings. It's fun to see what names mean. You'll want to be sure to include the names of the couple and the names they are considering for the baby. If they already know what the name will be, that can be your bonus question.

Another fun one is the guess the baby food: remove the labels and number each jar on the bottom. The guests will guess the food just by looking (no smelling, etc).

Have fun!



answers from Madison on

I went to a baby shower where they had baby/kid pictures cut from magazines. There was an index card for each picture. People (whoever wants) wrote on the index card what the baby in the picture must be thinking or saying. Then everyone read them and chose their favorite (without knowing who wrote which one). It was fun.

They also handed people fun facts about babies (like the fact that most newborns have blue eyes etc.) You could play true or false with baby facts.
You can make a list of fun facts such as those here

And make people guess if they are true or false.
the one who gives the most correct answers wins a little prize.



answers from Minneapolis on

If you go to they have several printable sheets for games to play. I have played word scamble, guess the number of diapers in the diaper cake, and others. They have some good ideas at this website. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Atlanta on

My sister did this very cute game.. She gave us all index cards and told us to write a question about the baby then we handed her the cards back and she mixed them up and handed them out empty side up and made us answer the question to our question we just asked but it was on the back of an unknown question cause we were not aloud to see the other side then she collected them and read the question and the anwers on the back were so off the wall since it was not the original answer for that question but for another it was so funny. Try it you will laugh for hours...


answers from Wichita on

give each person 5 clothes pins (they have pink and blue ones in the baby shower area at walmart or party city) tell them at the beginning of the party that if they are caught saying the word "baby" they have to give a pin to the person who hears them and calls them out first. At the end of the party whoever has the most pins wins a prize. It's hilarious because it's SOO hard not to say Baby at a baby shower.
Another one is to put some baby stuff in a box. Cut a hole big enough for your and to fit through and let each person take a turn feeling inside for 15 seconds. Then see who can write down the most items from the box correctly. ( some items can be a diaper, pacifier, bottle, nail clippers, baby food, rattle, sock, teething ring, infant tylenol, shoe, burp rag, lotion, night light, nail file) you get the picture.



answers from Omaha on

One baby shower I went to had "Check the Dirty Diapers". They took a variety of candy bars and cut them down into 1 inch chunks. Each chunk was placed into a newborn diaper and microwaved just long enough to change the structure of the candy piece. They were then passed around and everyone had to sniff or taste to come up with the correct candy bar name. It was hysterical....



answers from Pittsburgh on

Melt different types of candy bars in different diapers and then pass around to identify which candy: Hershey bar, Snickers, Milky Way, Almond Joy, etc.....



answers from Dallas on

Bingo Baby Style- For this game, you can design your own bingo cards. Search the internet for at least 25 baby related images. You can search “baby clipart” “baby toys”, or “pacifiers” or anything else that is baby related. After you find these images, use your word processor to create a 5×5 grid. Then fill this grid in with the images you found. Print out a different layout for each guest so no one has the same one. This game may take a while to play, an hour or two, so make sure you plan accordingly.

Who’s That Baby: This game can be a lot of fun to play. Try to get as many baby pictures of your guests as you can and tape them to a white board. Make sure to number them and have the answers on an answer sheet. Then, have the guests guess who is the baby in each picture. To make this game more fun, you can have them guess while being times. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize.

Check out for some more game ideas, or check out for a package of baby games you can print from your computer



answers from Detroit on

I was just at a shower and they did this story about Mr and Mrs right. It was a very cute game and easy for people to play and win a prize.

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