Need Ideas for a Ballerina Birthday Party.

Updated on March 11, 2008
B.S. asks from Bath, PA
9 answers

I am planning a ballerina birthday party for my almost 4 year old daughter. Does anyone have any cute ideas? From games to goodie bags to decorations. Anything at all.

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answers from Scranton on

Definitely go to

They have great ideas and packages of birthday stuff to get including decorations, games, goodie bags, etc. I got stuff for my kids' birthday parties there before and very happy with it! You can search by gender, theme, color all kinds of stuff adn they have every theme you could imagine! Good Luck Jennifer

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answers from York on

Pink gift gags with pink bows would be cute for goodie bags and inside them you could put little ballerina dolls, pink candy, and other little trinkets that are pink. For decorations you can use pink streamers and or pink bows, pink balloons with tap shoes to hold the balloons down. I hope this helps you our B..



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi there -

I know that the studio where my daughter takes dance they offer to host birthday parties. You might want to see if the place where your daughter goes does the same thing? Or you could see if the school has an older student who would be interested in coming to the party to teach a few moves?



answers from State College on

Both my daughters age 3, and 5 take dance class and for their birthday at dance class, I found a picture of a dancer printed it out and cut around it and then made it into a cookie and took icing and allowed the girls to decorate their dancer's. As far as decorations you could hang foil on the walls and pretend they are the mirrors on the walls at dance class have dance clothes for the girls to play dress up in and play dance music. The invitations you could do the same as the cookies. For goodie bags you could buy pink candies, maybe things for in their hair and all girls like lip gloss.



answers from Lancaster on

Have you seen Bella Ballerina...very cute! Pop in the DVD and the girls can dance away:)



answers from Philadelphia on

If you are crafty and can sew you could make small draw string bags for the girls that they could use for ballet class or going on an overnight. Put their initials or first name on them...I would do initials..I don't like the names on anything that they might take outside the home. For a party craft you could have them make something related to ballet like door hangers or pictureframes with the foam stickers, I know they used to have princess stickers, pretty close to ballet stuff. Then they take it home in their bags, if you want to put something in the bags I would not go with little items, maybe do a treat like individuals bags of fish or cheeze its or fruit snacks. Maybe a box of crayons and a coloring book. My daughter come home with a kite from a party one time...that was a good one!

For a game you could do a pin the tutu on the ballerina. How about freeze dance, play the ballet music from class and then have them dance like ballerinas, etc etc etc.

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Philadelphia on

my neice just turned four. my sister in law make a cake with a barbie in the middle of it. she said she got the idea online. it was really cute.



answers from Johnstown on

I went to and typed in "ballerina" and it gave me a list of ideas for a party - cake, crafts and games. You can also make a tutu using waist band elastic and strips of netting - you cut the netting into strips a little more than twice as long as the length you want the skirt and simply knot it on the elastic. A friend of mine made these for her girls - I didn't try it, but it looked easy.



answers from Philadelphia on

Not sure where you are located but my daughter's dance studio offers birthday parties it's not very expensive. She goes to Dansations in Hainespert, NJ.

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